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Monday, June 07, 2010

Cocksox Goes Punk

That's right guys.  Cocksox just launched their new color, Punk.  They could've called it pink, but really that's not nearly as fun.  The new Punk (pink) color is here by popular demand and is available in select styles like the classic Cocksox brief and thong. 

Question of the day:
What are your thoughts on wearing the color pink?  What about pink underwear?


see thru underwear said...

that`s kinda gayish..don`t you think?
but maybe the girls find it sexy to see pink underwear on a man?

Wil said...

They aren't see through but might as well be. They just hug really well and the fabric is very form fitting so it shows an outline. I know lots of my straight friends that wear "gay-ish" underwear. A lot of the fashionable stuff is very comfortable and throwing in a bit of color never hurts.

It really boils down to the person. If pink were flattering on me I'd wear them but it isn't. I don't mind the bright colors though (especially orange) but it takes a special something for a guy to pull off the pink undies.