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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celebrate Your Pride with Joe Snyder

June is National Pride month as declared by Bill Clinton and reaffirmed by Barack Obama earlier this month.  Pride festivals are taking place all across the country.  To help you celebrate and show your Pride, Joe Snyder has released an extensive line of underwear in rainbow colors available now at Dead Good Undies.  The collection includes an array of different styles from full coverage trunks to skimpy thongs and everything in between.  Whatever you're comfortable wearing, he has it.  These are the perfect way to show your pride at a pride parade or just to wear underneath to show that special someone. So head on over to DGU to check out their great selection of rainbow pride underwear from Joe Snyder. 


Anonymous said...

Hi , Thanks for this blog! I am one who loves to hang-out in my underwear and be seen in it.

I love new styles but my favs are bikini and thongs as are my swimsuits.

I will visit often as this is very informative.

Michelle said...

Joe Snyder aren't the only ones with rainbow collections out this season - Mundo Unico and L'Homme Invisible also have some - but they've definitely done it the best with it's vivid colouring. The fact that they've designed their underwear to also be swimwear means guys are going to be a lot more willing to strip off and show off their rainbow pants this Pride!

UMan said...

Thanks anonymous for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy what you see here and will continue to come back.

Yes Michelle, I am aware of many other brands that make rainbow underwear. But this particular post is about Joe Snyder. My experience with Pride is that they guys who are willing to strip off and show their underwear are going to do so regardless of whether it looks like underwear or swimwear :P