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Monday, June 07, 2010

$5 Surprise Underwear from His Trunks

His Trunks is having a special deal going on right now.  Pay them $5 and they'll give you a surprise pair of underwear or swimwear.  What's the catch?  In exchange for the 5 bucks you get a great pair of underwear, but you don't get to choose what it is.  What you get is a surprise, but who doesn't like surprises?  However, you do get to choose the size and the style.  Why are they doing this?  Well, like many underwear stores, His Trunks gets a lot of samples for photo shoots, etc. and they need to get rid of them to make room.  So think of it like their spring cleaning right into your underwear drawer. What you get is going to be quality, they have all sorts of great brands up for grabs like 2(x)ist, Andrew Christian, Baskit, Bone Wear, Cocksox, Ginch Gonch, Go Softwear, Elementos, Iqoniq, Joe Snyder, Klen Laundry, Pipe, Private Structure, Score, Sweat, Teamm8, and WildManT.  Check it out now!  

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