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Friday, October 29, 2010

New Brand: Good Devil

Just in time for Halloween we bring you Good Devil.  What's better than dressing up as a devil?  Dressing up as a Good Devil.  This fun new brand combines a little bit of naughty with a little bit of nice.  Good Devil is known for their sheer and sexy styles that leave very little to the imagination.  You can get them at Underwear Station or Undergear
Preview Bikini
This relatively new brand, already has a number of collections to choose from.  Including the preview collection, which offers a little peek at what's inside your pouch by means of slits in the front.  The fabric has a metallic shine that adds that little extra oomph.  The preview comes in bikini (shown), boxer, g-string, and jockstrap styles.  

Another fun collection is the mesh print collection.  This collection, as you'd expect, is mesh.  You can either get it plain, or with fun tribal or dragon prints.  They come in red, blue, and white and an array of styles.  See model Levi Poulter strut his stuff in the mesh collection at the International Lingerie Show in the video at the end of this post.  More videos of Good Devil in action are available on Underwear Stations' YouTube channel

Propel Boxer with blue accents.
And finally, the last collection I want to talk about is the Good Devil Propel collection.  This collection is also made of mesh.  The whole collection is black mesh with red, white, or blue accents (your choice).  The colored accents are opaque and are carried out on the waistband and around the pouch (but the pouch still shows your junk).  You can get it in a brief, boxer or a thong.  

The Good Devil collection is super sexy and will bring out that little devil in the best of you.  It is perfect for the bedroom, but it is comfy enough that you definitely could wear it all day.  I have had the opportunity to try out some of this great collection, and so far I'm very impressed.  It is sexy and sophisticated, with quality materials so that it does not seem tacky or vulgar.  Stay tuned for a full review.  In the meantime you can purchase Good Devil from Underwear Station or Undergear for $12 - $30 depending on the style.  And at Undergear take 20% off your purchase for being a MUB reader using coupon code 'UGOFF4'.


Chris Eddy said...

The Propel boxer is very, very naughty indeed.

Good Devil is hot. What a display of crown jewels. Nice!

Anonymous said...

I bought the preview g-string and it is by far my FAVORITE underwear yet. It gets the job done! ;)