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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Contest Update: More Entry Options

So a few of you have expressed some concerns about the aussieBum My Favorite Day Contest entry being too complicated.  So we've added some additional entry options to make it easier for you.  We want to see as many of you winning as possible!  In addition to submitting a photo of underwear (with or without you) that demonstrates your favorite day of the week, you can also:
  • Submit a photo of you in your favorite pair of underwear and tell us why it's your favorite.
  • Or you can comment on a post on this site from the past three months.  Be sure to include the words "MyDay Contest Entry" at the end of your post so we know that's what you're doing.  Then send us an email with a link to your comment for it to count.  Be sure to write something thoughtful as they will be judged qualitatively, not selected randomly.  
You may still only do one entry per day, you cannot do one of each method.  Good luck. 


Anonymous said...

Wednesday's are my favorite day of the week because I can surf the net, sleep, and spend the day comfortably in nothing but my underwear.
"MyDay Contest Entry"

UMan said...

Anonymous, to qualify the comment needs to be relevant to the post and cannot just be the same as a contest entry. You also need to send me an email for your comment to qualify, otherwise we have no idea how to reach you.