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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Underwear Answers: Wear What You Want!

I feel that many people struggle with choosing what style of underwear to wear.  They want to wear what's comfortable for them, but they also are worried that they'll be judged in the lockerroom, by an intimate relation, or a spouse.  I especially get many questions from teenagers in this situation.  They want to wear something other than what they wear, but they're not sure how to ask their mom or what their friends will think.  My advice?  Forget them.  Wear what you want.  After all, you're the one wearing it.  You should be comfortable.  Who cares what they think?  Below is a question from a teen reader via Formspring and my advice to him.  If you have any underwear related questions, feel free to ask me them via email or Formspring

I'm a teen guy and I wear boxers and hate them. Boxer briefs aren't much different.  I really want to switch to briefs but I'm too embarrassed to ask my mum any advice.
I feel like this is a problem that many teen guys have. I know I did when I was your age. Underwear should be about wearing what's comfortable for you. If you aren't happy with what you have you shouldn't have to wear them. Next time you're at the store, just say, "hey mom, I'd like to get some new underwear." and then instead of going for the boxers grab some briefs. She should be fine with it. She's not the one who has to wear them so you should get to wear what you want, not what she wants. And if that's not going to work with your mom, just go to the store and buy them yourself. You're a teenager, you're old enough to make your own decisions and choices. Your mom isn't going to be buying your undies for the rest of your life you know. If you're worried about her finding them in the laundry, then now would be a great time to start learning how to wash clothes. It will be good practice for college. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

It was just the other way around in 1970. Mom always bought briefs and everyone wore briefs, but I did not like them. Wanted to switch to boxers. Bought my own during freshman year in college. No body else wore them, but I liked them. Felt a bit wierd being seen in boxers in the dorm. Now they are so common. Styles change.

UMan said...

It's interesting that both the original asker of the question and you, Anonymous, think that boxers are now the norm. While I admit, they may be common. I think the style is switching back to more fitted underwear like briefs and trunks - at least among young men (say high school - 30).