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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a Snug Fit - A Review

Baskit has long been an innovator on the men's underwear scene.  They've come a long way since their contour pouch boxer-briefs with built in condom pocket (their big claim to fame back in the day).  Today I want to tell you about one of their latest collections that is skin-tight and seamless - which is all the rage in Europe, or so I've been told.  It's called Snugfit Seamless and is very aptly named.  

The Snugfit Seamless collection comes in briefs, fishnet briefs, trunks, and fishnet trunks all in black and white.  For the purpose of today's review, I tried the white trunk.  These trunks truly live up to the collection's name.  Like the name implies, they are seamless.  Instead of having seams all over which adds bulk to the garment, the whole thing is knitted as one piece and has a special pouch knit right into the garment that is designed to expand to your body shape.  In fact, the whole thing is designed to expand to your body.  The whole line only comes in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large.  The fabric is ultra stretchy and therefore can accommodate a much broader range of sizes than your average pair.  Also, the waistband (which is often the limiting factor for the stretch factor of underwear) is knit in one piece with the rest of the garment so there is no difference in its stretchiness.  They are made out of a special fabric blend that is 90% Polyamide (a fancy term for nylon) and 10% Elastane, which helps it hold its shape.  These things really fit like a glove because they stretch out to conform to your body.  Because of the special fabric blend used, they fit snugly (as promised by the name) but they also don't stretch out; the elastane ensures they pop back into shape once you take them off.  

As for the comfort, these things are great.  It's like having underwear that is custom fitted for you - they fit perfect and thus feel perfect every time.  You won't even know you're wearing them.  And because they are seamless this allows for a much thinner fabric and profile so there's no added bulk under your jeans.  They're literally like a second skin.  Even the waistband conforms smoothly against your body.  

So now let's talk about style.  Something this comfy and this perfect must have a catch, right?  Well wrong.  These things surprisingly have style.  Often underwear that is this comfortable jeopardizes style for comfort.  Seamless oftentimes equals shapeless.  But in these trunks Baskit has managed to work in a good deal of style.  Now don't get me wrong, these are still what I would call basics.  They are very simple, no frills, everyday wear.  But Baskit gave them a little personality with the contrast blue waistband and legbands.  These are pure stylistic features as both the legbands and the waistband are just a continuation of the fabric of the rest of the trunk and not a separate elastic band like in traditional underwear.  The blue splash gives them a little flare and makes them something more than just a plain, white trunk.  The black pair has white accents, which personally I don't think have as much flair as the blue on the white pair. 

As for the quality of these things.  Oftentimes I find underwear that is made out of super thin fabric like these don't stand the tests of time - they often get "pilly" from the washing machine and from abrasion in daily wear.  These are a little different.  I have worn mine a number of times and they are just starting to show a few signs of wear on the leg.  But compared to other underwear made of similar fabrics these hold up a lot better.  For the most part these look as good as new down to the crisp blue accents.  So are they worth it?  At $24 USD from Baskit, these trunks are a little on the high end for something that doesn't have a ton of fun details - they're not quite what I would call "fashion underwear".  But these are a great go-to pair when you don't know what to wear and want comfort but also want some style.  These are a good investment and will last you well.  They are very versatile and work well everywhere from the gym to the office; from the club to the bedroom. 

Overall, I give the Baskit Snugfit Seamless Trunk a total score of 8.5 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10) - Snug, custom fit.  Conforms perfectly to your body. 
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - Seamless trunk allows for super light-weight fabric.  Like a second skin. 
STYLE -- 8 (out of 10) - Basic with a little splash of color. 
QUALITY -- 8 (out of 10) - Well made.  Delicate fabric holds up well to wear and tear. 
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - Expensive for how basic they are.  But very versatile.  Can go anywhere. 


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