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Friday, October 22, 2010

Edward Scissorhands Wears Sheer Undies - A Piece of Underwear Prose

Intymen Mesh Brief.
Today I bring you a little piece of underwear inspired fiction from a guest poster. It's written by Tony from Underwear-Addict. You may remember the site name from back when it used to be an e-commerce site. Tony has since taken it over and it is now informative only. I thought this piece was especially appropriate to publish now with Halloween only a week away. It's a fictitious piece about Edward Scissorhands and the sheer underwear that he uses to cover his piece. For more great articles like this one, be sure to check out Tony's great site. Enjoy!

To off set the weight of his top-heavy shears, Edward Scissorhands keeps his bottom light in a pair of mens sheer underwear.

Edward Scissorhands knows the importance of dressing sharp while playing it safe below the belt with his soft fleshy side tucked safely inside a pair of mens sheer underwear.

Delicate yet durable, his pliable synthetic parts require comfort and support contrary to his heavy metal hands. Unwieldy and clumsy, his hands have trouble in grasping the practical and mundane. With difficulty, Edward negotiates his way through a day saddled by the weight of his daggered destiny, lightening his load in a pair of sheer underwear.

Stretchable, supple, yet sturdy, and tough, Edward’ s men sheer underwear attains the same perfection as one of his pruned topiary perennial shrubs. That’ s why Edward never leaves home without his softer side set comfortably snug in a pair of sheer undies.

The ladies simply adore Edward’ s haircutting expertise, as well as his sense of style, and have taken a shine to his silver glossy hands. If only they got a gander at his gentle genitalia below his heavy-handed shears, they’ d also take a shine to the slick perfected form inside his sheer underwear especially when sheathed in a pair of sexy see-through briefs.

In one respect, Edward would like his underwear to be similar to his scissor hands – his underwear must always look sharp and be on the cutting edge of fashion. As his hedge creations take on many shapes and forms, so does Edward’ s mens sheer underwear, which comes in boxers, briefs, and mesh swing thongs, as well as more enticing styles to adore.

Soft, breathable, and freeing, sheer underwear offers Edward the flexibility to reach the top of a hedge to deftly create the flap of an elephant ear or bend low to recreate a large flat foot and five stubby toes.

Lightweight, nylon, micromesh, mens sheer underwear is machine washable unlike Edward’ s scissor hands, which require a delicate hand wash. Such is the irony that exists in the parallel world between one man’ s flesh and scissor hands.

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