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Saturday, July 28, 2007

National Underwear Day and exciting exclusives for UB readers

National Underwear Day was founded by Freshpair in August 2003. National Underwear Day is a day to celebrate all things underwear. In the above video (not available in email feeds) you can learn more about the holiday. Well being an underwear blog, this is definitely up our street. In honor of National Underwear Day and UB's relationship with Freshpair, we have some very exciting things in store for you. This August 7 brings National Underwear Day once again to Times Square. This year it will be bigger and better than ever before and will be featuring more sponsors, underwear giveaways, contests, and some surprises. But even if you cannot make it to Times Square, you can still receive some free underwear. Here's how it will work. You can enter to win some free underwear by one of the following ways:
  • Send me a great question via email that will inspire a great blog entry or blog debate.
  • Send me a photo of you or a friend (ask their permission) in underwear with one of two themes: Underwear in the City, or Summer Underwear. Use your creativity.
  • Write a quality comment on a post (but make sure you say that you are entering the Freshpair Giveaway).
Also, you MUST include your size along with each method of entry.
RULES: We need a valid email at which to contact you (make sure you include this on any blog comments). You must include your desired size for the entry to be valid. Readers may enter up to 3 times during the giveaway period (the end of which will be determined at a later date). Winners will be selected by judges. The judges' decisions are final. Your words and/or photo(s) will become property of UB and/or Freshpair and may be used in public places regardless of the winning status.

If you do not wish to enter, or you do not win, you can still get a great deal by using one of the exclusive UB discount codes at Freshpair. Here are the codes and what they give you:
Code 1: underwearblog
Discount: 10% off on $85
Expires 9/1
Code 2: underwearblog15
Discount: 15% off on $150
Expires 9/1

That's all for now. But stay tuned for more info on National Underwear Day. And if you are in Times Square on August 7, be sure to drop your trousers and show your skiviez (make sure you have your best ones on). And while you're there, snap a photo or two and send them our way.


Anonymous said...


Is there a particular email we should use to enter this comp - I can't find one, but it is Monday morning down here in Oz, and I sat up late mesmerised by the Tour of France last night!

UMan said...

Anonymous, there is no particular email for this contest. Just send it to my regular email (listed in the sidebar).