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Thursday, February 17, 2011

2(x)ist Neon

Just a couple days ago one of my favorite brands launched a new collection of underwear. 2(x)ist debuted their new Neon collection. The brand has this to say about Neon:

"Taking cues from ideas of the future, fast living, and the digital age, NEON dazzles with bold color in our specially-engineered Soft-Fle(x) Cotton for the man in perpetual motion. The NEON Sliq Trunk itself features an Ultra Low Rise—hitting about two inches below the hip—and the (X)-treme Contoured Pouch for an even more enhanced profile than ever before. And with brilliant hues like Hibiscus, Mediterranean Blue, Black, and White (all contrasted with fluorescent elastic piping), NEON makes the future look brighter than ever. Shine on in NEON."

The collection consists of several low-rise pieces including a sports brief, trunk style, and a pouch brief. The collection also has a forthcoming V-neck t-shirt. 2(x)ist Neon can be found in Macy's stores and online at

On a final note, if you haven't checked out 2(x)ist's website lately be sure to do that. It looks outstanding.


Janiek said...

Very handsome. And now let's find out who really wears these not? Jaiks?!
The only thing that's important is how the undie embraces and finishes the lines of the body.
Am I right?

x Janiek
Ps I had a jockstrap in my mind

Brian said...

total side note, but the whole neon bar thing reminds me a bit too much of Vizeau: ... not that there's anything wrong with it :)

UMan said...

Brian - good eye. DT Clothes also had a similar photoshoot as well.