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Saturday, February 05, 2011

TSA Proof Underwear

A lot of people are in an uproar over the fact that the Transportation Security Administration has begun the use full body scanners. The issue is that the scanner creates an x-ray type image of you naked so officials can see if you’re carrying any contraband. Some people view this as an invasion of privacy and that it’s going too far and is too invasive. This concern has sparked a new wave of underwear. You can now get underwear with a strategically placed thin metal plate over your genitals blocking their view from TSA Security. The plate comes in a wide variety of styles, a plain circle, a leaf, and patriotic emblems or for the more offended patrons a few even carry anti-body scan messages. So now those frequent flyers who want to keep their unmentionables unseen have this option. And so far these undergarments have not been made illegal nor has the TSA asked passengers not to wear them. However it’s not all good news for our prudish flyers. According to Lisa Jaklitsch of, a news media website for freelance writers, wearing TSA proof underwear will guarantee a Pat-Down. And this is probably true for there was even a post on the TSA blog site stating that this is done not as revenge for wearing the underwear but as a measure of security. And really this isn’t surprising because although the underwear works Security is not going to let a blurred or obstructed image just pass, because that would not be secure. So according to that same TSA blog they aren’t going to tell you not to wear them but they do want to give you a heads up on the possible consequences.

The whole body scan has met with a lot of opinion on both sides. One the scan can not detect every possible type of weapon or explosive someone could carry. Another factor being voiced is that which we’ve considered that of privacy and invasiveness. Yet on the other hand if this is helping to make your flight more secure wouldn’t you want to lessen the chances of your ride being blown up mid air on your way to your destination? Plus it’s not like the TSA officials are getting clear sexy views of your goods down below. If a doctor can look at, feel and even stick his hands and fingers inside you for your health is it that much worse to have a security attendant who views 1,000’s of bodies a day to see your naked x-ray? But some people are very strongly opposed. One of the great side effects to this security measure has been the guys protesting by showing up in nothing but underwear or a Speedo! This just makes us want higher security so they’ll wear even less next time. So you can still chose to wear these undies however you most likely will not make it through security without question, yet if you’d rather be felt up than looked up this could be your option. I think they should make a pair with an insertable plate so I can decide if I want to be felt up or not after I see what the Security Official doing the pat down looks like!

Here's some places you can get TSA proof underwear if you are so inclined:

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