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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obsession: Gregg Homme

This week I am absolutely and utterly obsessed with Gregg Homme. The level of sheer sexiness that envelopes each pair from this brand is beyond words. I am a sucker for a sexy pair of underwear, and I can assure you that you can't and will not go wrong by wearing a pair of Gregg Homme. G.H. recently debuted their 2011 collection, so I'll let them describe this years collection-- while I try to get my drooling under control:

The new 2011 GREGG HOMME collection unveils a completely new generation of men's underwear. Think your silkiest pair of briefs feels like second skin? Forget everything you believe you know! GREGG HOMME's newest technology redefines the rules of comfort and pushes the limits of support where no man's privates have gone before.

Our new TORRID and COMMANDO collections introduce the new GREGG HOMME revolutionary and "radically thin" 8-way stretch fabric. Developed in Europe with top-of-the-field knitting machines, our new fabric features an unusually high level of spandex (the best, from Lycra© that is) to confer the "nearly unlimited" stretch and the ultimate body wrapping experience. GREGG HOMME pushes the audacity by crowning these new ultra light creations with fine, soft, yet reinforced elastics, often used and loved in the opposite gender underwear world.
Below are my favorites from this years collection. (The descriptions are G.H.'s not mine, seeing how I'm speechless over these designs I feel like their statements could be more effective than mine.)

(Above) TORRID: The hot and steamy TORRID from Gregg Homme is a highly sensual underwear collection made from a unique, hyper-stretch bodyhugging fabric. Each style successfully mimics the ’naked’ feeling under clothing, letting you forget you’re wearing it!

PUMP-UP: The men’s underwear revolution starts here! Gregg Homme’s highly original PUMP-UP collection features Advanced Enhancing Technology: a suspensor system made up of an opaque European ultra-light microfiber fabric that delivers both the support and shaping that a lot of men crave in sexy underwear.

PROVAKE: Another perfect example of Gregg Homme’s mastery of designing some of the sexiest men’s underwear on the planet, the PROVOKE collection is made from a unique distressed mesh fabric that looks rugged yet feels soft against the skin. For teasing and pleasing, there’s no denying the charismatic, attention-getting qualities of the PROVOKE collection!

Top of the page: HERCULES: Gregg Homme offers you a legend in the making! The heroic HERCULES group is a masculine underwear design of epic proportions! Featuring a silver, leather-like fabric adorned with matte sequins that give the impression of chain mail, the HERCULES collection will make its wearer feel sexy, rugged, noble, and brave!

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Janiek said...

Yeah this is a real business. You discribed how advanced technology can make special fibers that give maximum result. Not bad at all. Hey, everyone wants to look good ;)

I recently bought two Calvin Klein trunks. They were in sale! But they really fit well, another experience as well. And I noticed the fiber was super soft, I like that. But now I know it's special made fiber. Cool

x Janiek