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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Andrew Christian… My new Addiction.

Having tried hundreds of brands over the past few years in men’s underwear, there seems to be one consistent thing you can count on…. Eventually your favorite brand is going to let you down with a style that just doesn’t stand up to its predecessor’s lofty standards in terms of look, style, feel and overall comfort. 

I often scratch my head when I see retail prices for some of the so called “designer” brands like Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani. Not because they don’t produce some of the most popular styles, but because they clearly have a price tag that many of us find hard to swallow for an item usually kept hidden beneath your pants all day… 

Most of us don’t mind spending the cash on a nice shirt or jeans because they not only make us feel good but they’re on display for everyone to see…. And even Calvin Klein’s obvious “budget” pairs have a lofty price tag on them. I’m sorry but I can’t justify spending thirty to forty dollars for a pair of briefs simply for the name if it doesn’t meet up with the other key selection criteria of materials, visual appeal and comfort. 

Thankfully Andrew Christian has a better handle on their market, producing some of the finest sports, swim and underwear with enough variety in style without compromising on quality by simply staking their reputation on the name of the label.

The trouble with CK (and don’t get me wrong I rate some of their underwear highly) is that there’s far too much variance in sizing and general comfort across their range. I’ve pulled on pairs that have had so little room in the crotch I feel as though they were designed more for store mannequins than for men. 

Andrew Christian have had some truly inspired designs including the Almost Naked line, which was made of incredibly soft micro modal fabrics and has ample room and stretch fabrics to satisfy even the most well endowed man. The light weight fabric is incredibly supportive but you could be forgiven for forgetting you are even wearing them at all! Hence the name obviously!

Almost Naked Brief
They also held up with their moisture wicking ability, keeping me dry and comfortable all day. No itching or irritation thanks to the unlined pouch keeping the boys cool and comfy and in place, unlike other brands that you feel as though you’re constantly adjusting or scratching at, the anatomical design lifts and enhances which is terrific for the profile of your bulge but serves the purpose of keeping your testes away from your skin which is particularly important for those of us who might want children one day. Yes, we’ve found a product that saves us from having to live in boxer shorts and keep our partners off our backs about the health effects of tight fitting briefs on sperm production. Hallelujah! 

The clever devils have also just developed a new line called the Shock Jock Flirt brief which I’m excited to give a go, along with the usual features we’ve learned to love including the Anti-muffin top waistband (which basically means that the waistband is soft and flex’s with your body to avoid that “overhanging” look so that it remains smooth and is less likely to roll down) but it comes with a brand new insert which is going to revolutionize the underwear industry…. The Shock Jock Flirt underwear comes with an insert that is designed to resemble the male anatomy, adding inches to your profile and no doubt miles to your confidence in the gym locker room! It’s removable for washing or for guys who prefer the natural appearance of their bulge but from the photos I’ve seen so far this is going to do for men what the wonderbra did for women!

This is not new technology, as their previous lines have included padded inserts for the crotch and some lines have inbuilt cushioning in the rear to enhance the shape of your buns. But this is the first (to my knowledge anyhow) brand to bring the shaping technology to the market that mimics the anatomical shape of a bulges appearance. I hope to give this item a proper review in future if I get the chance to road test them.

So put away your designer undies that look good peeking over your jeans waistband but drive you crazy all day, and get yourself into a pair of Andrew Christian briefs that will not only look great with wide elastic waistbands that look sexy with low rise jeans, but feel the way you’d expect sexy high-end underwear should without the silver spoon price tag.
To learn more about Andrew Christian visit the Underwear Addict!


mitchtm said...

This is an awesome blog and I am trying my first pair of Andrew Christian underwear! I am a CK underwear wearer; enjoying the X collection, but excited to trade in CK for AC! Keep up the great work on the site! -Mitch

Anonymous said...

This is obviously a marketing sceme, as the quality of Andrew Christian isn't very good, and the cost isn't inexpensive. Too many gimmicks, especially the Shock Jock--who would want to wear something over your junk to make it look bigger? What do you do when it's time to take them off in front of someone? Dumb idea.

UMan said...

Thanks Mitch! Hope you keep visiting.

Anonymous - this is not a marketing ploy. These are Tony's honest opinions. Although quite frankly I do agree with you on the Shock Jock Flirt - I think it's just a ridiculous concept and will be posting something to that effect soon.