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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Obsession: Piss and Vinegar

Obsession is a new weekly series that starts today. Every Wednesday I’ll be showing a few of my favorites from a different brand. I know when I’m browsing for underwear online I seem to almost always stick with a few brands and forget so many others. With Obsession I will be featuring up-and-coming brands, obscure brands, or brands that really break the standard underwear mold.
This week I am obsessed with Piss and Vinegar. The brand has been around a couple years, but here at MUB we have only done one post about them, which was right after the brand first hit the scene. The name was what first caught my attention. I was on Men’s Underwear Store and saw the name in the side bar. The two nouns “piss” and “vinegar” quickly drew me in and I was soon obsessed. The brand’s use of large graphics and bold colors is a fun twist on the standard underwear I have been buying as of late. Below are a few pictures of my favorite designs from Piss and Vinegar. You can find their entire collection at Beyond Big Branding. My favorite design from the brand is in the picture above. The undies are called “I Love Jesus” and have a heart right smack-dab in the middle of the crotch. I feel like for a lot of us guys are guilty of wearing our hearts on top of our crotch so this design is quite fitting. I am also obsessed with their solid color low rise briefs. These seem rather standard, but the colors that they have chosen for the briefs are a modern twist on many of the brightly colored briefs I’ve seen out there from other brands. Each pair of underwear ranges from $25.00 to $35.00 a pair. You will notice that many of the designs are tongue-and-cheek, which for me only adds to their appeal!

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