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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Model to Mogul

Soccer star turned underwear model David Beckham has decided not to return as Armani’s underwear front man. Instead he’s taking charge and getting his own underwear line with Armani. This makes sense since underwear sales have soared for the company since they signed Beckham to be their international ambassador of fashion. Plus he is married to another Armani underwear notable former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. No doubt she has had a hand in the rise of her husband's success within the fashion industry. Connections are very important. Of course that’s not to say David doesn’t have what it takes on his own, let’s face it the man is gorgeous and he has talent. Beckham started playing soccer professionally when he was only 17 and through his time in the game has offered his skills to a variety of teams in as many countries. He now plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy and is a huge power behind popularizing the sport in America, the last country to embrace the sport apparently. Beckham has had a similar effect in the fashion industry. It was a long held belief that a man who made fashion and looking good a priority in his life had to be gay. Beckham was a key player in the coining of the phrase “metrosexual” meaning a straight man who took the time and energy to look good. Men took notice and thought David Beckham is an athlete, and a good one at that, with a hot wife and a lot of money so if he looks like that maybe I should too. David Beckham has been a godsend for all men!

Now he’s taking it to the next level. And hopefully he will still be the eye candy in the trunks he puts out, but either way I am sure he will succeed. We don’t know yet what design this underwear line is going to take but it will probably be along the lines of Armani’s collections that come out now. And knowing the Beckham style they will most likely be quite manly and have a sleek style all Metro Men will want. Beckham brought style to men around the world who were lacking it, and now he’s going to make sure they recognize this means their underwear too. So be on the lookout because soon we all can have David in our pants!

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