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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ginch Gonch - Live Like a Kid!

Kasey is a new contributor to the site.  Please give him a warm welcome and feedback.
Do you own, and actually wear, boxers that feature a print of SpongeBob SquarePants, a strategically placed elephant trunk, or a douchey saying like “Place lips here?” If so, please burn them and delete my number if you have it.

Kasey in Crotch Rocket briefs.
Clearly, you wear these atrocities because you have a sense of humor. I commend you for that. Aside from obscene amounts of wealth and a home in Manhattan, a solid sense of humor is the main thing I look for in a man. But the manifestation of that sense of humor can make or break the situation.

If you want to wear something under your skinny jeans that makes you chuckle to yourself knowing what lies beneath, I have a two-word suggestion for you to replace those “Who’s your Papa?” Smurf boxers – Ginch Gonch.

Kasey flashing his I Love Paris undies.
This Montreal-based company has been around for almost 10 years now and they have perfected the combination of humor and sexuality. Tongue-in-cheek designs printed on comfortable, fitted, and durable briefs, boxer-briefs, and more.  According to their website, “[Ginch Gonch] was the first of its kind to successfully combine humor and sexuality with funky, fashion-forward designs, and has completely reinvented the underwear industry through the unconventional ways it sets the trend for the rear end.” Hear, hear!

Indeed, with design titles such as “Wiener Eater,” “Crotch Rocket,” and “Eyeful Tower,” as well as the option of a fantastic low-rise fit, this company allows you to have a childlike laugh while still feeling like your boys and your buns are supported and sexy.

I Love TV briefs.
Their recent “I Love…” collection is wonderful (though disappointingly devoid of jockstraps) and has only left me with baited breath to find out what’s coming next! This collection has something for everyone: I love London, I love Paris, I love Tokyo, I love Bacon, etc. (I currently own all of the aforementioned designs as my way of manifesting the man who will have homes in each of those locations and feed me bacon every morning.)

So to recap: Bounce the boxers and give in to Ginch Gonch. Look good, feel good, and live like a kid!

Smooches, pooches. Thanks for reading!

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