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Monday, October 08, 2012

Something Blue...

What's your favorite color? Now look in your underwear drawer.... Do you notice a trend? My favorite color is blue along with more than half of the guys out there. I like the color blue because it's a cool color that makes you feel relaxed. I am a very relaxed boy anyway but blues are also great to express yourself. My shoes for instance, I have three pairs of converse that are three different shades of blue, my sheets blue, my phone case is blue, my computer case is blue, my car is blue... the list goes on... But, what about my undies?

Looking from my desk into my undies drawer I see a trend of mine is buying blue undies. Since it is my favorite color I tend to buy more of them because I know I would love the color. At least 2/3 of my undies have blue in them. Now when I go shopping for undies I am trying to get different colors that stand out, like pink. I just want my undies drawer to be more fun! I can't wear blue all the time! This is a blue safeTguard that I just got to fuel my new obsession with jocks. It came in so many colors and as always I ended up getting blue.... So next time you are out looking for undies try getting a different color. I know I will!


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Anonymous said...

I too am guilty of tending to have blue in everything. Blue has always been one of my favorite colors! But like you, I'm beginning to realize that there are more colors than blue out there. Time to broaden the horizons!