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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seeing and Being Seen

Do you have issues with being seen in your underwear?

Of course there's the discussion that could be had about saggers. You know the type; I saw them in the mall yesterday. Their pants are riding so low you can almost see light between their pants and their drawers. There must be someone who thinks that's sexy - for the life of me I can't see why.

But I've noticed that a lot of guys have problems with being seen in their underwear. Even more so when getting into and out of their undies. I know of guys who don't like going to the doctor, because he might see their undies, or worse (personally, I'm fine with it). In changing rooms or when sharing hotel rooms, some guys go out of their way not to be seen in a state of undress. To me, that's a hassle. Just do your thing and keep moving. That said, I do choose my undies more carefully when I'm sharing a room with other guys. Don't want my friends to get the wrong idea by my choice of undies.

Then there's the paradox of the guys who fastidiously cover up when in street clothes, but when they put on swim trunks - even boardies - the shorts ride down almost til the bush is peeking out.

This past week, I ran a 5k, and it was 35F when we started. That got me thinking about the idea of running tights. Do I want to be seen in skin-tight pants? Does one wear undies under them? Should one wear shorts over them? I ended up running in a pair of long-johns with my running shorts over.

On the other hand, I bet some of you have a bit of exhibitionist/voyeur streak. Do you like to show off, or keep things hidden? How much do you let show? Who do you let see?


Tri-Guy said...

I do a lot of races in tights, whether it is a running race or a triathlon. Seems like the community in triathlon is pretty liberal when it comes to men in tight spandex. Underwear under running tights? Sometimes! I find a modal-based bikini-brief by Calvin K or Jockey does a good job of holding things in place if the specific tights I wear are a bit on the thin side (such as Pearl Izumi or Skinz). However Under Armour makes incredible tights for both winter and summer and you don't really need undies with theirs.

Anonymous said...

Personally if I'm going running, I usually just wear my running tights - I've got a few different brands, that are nice and tight and keep everything in place. I find that wearing underwear beneath running tights causes discomfort and I have issues with my tights riding low - must be a fabric on fabric issue - I spend half of my time pulling my tights up - which is a pain!

As from being seen ion my underwear, I don't have an issue with it, I do find it funny when you get guys that struggle to hide themselves under a towel while changing at the gym.