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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review of Undz Briefs

A while back we asked you to submit applications to be MUB interns.  Today we bring you the first of our interns, Georgia Dude.  Here's what he has to say about himself in his own words "I’m 23 and a recent college graduate now living my life-long dream as a teacher. I teach high school English to the current generation of over-tested students. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a fascination with underwear. I determined long ago that when I got my first “real” job I would actually start building a real underwear collection. I’ve been a faithful MUB follower since I was in college. In fact, I even had the fortune once of winning a MUB contest where I won a pair of Piada briefs, which were my first pair of designer underwear. I’m extremely excited to come aboard the great staff at Men’s Underwear Blog!"  Please let us know what you think of his first review!  And stay tuned for more from our new interns! 

Canada is not often a name that we associate with quality underwear (or with underwear at all, for that matter). The Undz (pronounced undeez) brand is a relatively new name on the market. Earlier this year, in my never-ending quest for new and exciting underwear, I stumbled across this great brand of underwear. Founded in 2010 in Montreal, the Undz brand believes that “you shouldn't have to take out a loan in an effort to fulfill your trendy underwear collection desires.”

As a recent college graduate and new to the workforce with limited funds, I can completely appreciate this belief. The Undz brand comes in two styles – briefs and boxers, which are more like trunks. If you’re looking for a way to add some color to your underwear drawer, then Undz is a great choice for you. The brand has a variety of fun colors, ranging from plain white, black, and gray, to pink, green, blue, and purple in their more traditional styles. Recently, the brand has added the “fluffy soft waistband” model to its boxer/trunk selection, which comes in newer, more exciting colors than their traditional models. What’s more, the color holds after continuous wear and washing.

Harkening to their belief that quality underwear should be affordable, the price of this underwear ranges from just $5 for the classic briefs to $10 for the “fluffy soft waistband,” with other price options between. And for just $1.99 processing and $5.99 for shipping across the US and Canada regardless of order size, it’s affordable to shop this brand. As far as fit goes, the Undz brand is made really well. Don’t just take my word for it, though. I have a friend who is dedicated to the 2(x)ist brand; I urged him to order some of the Undz briefs, and he now is a firm believer in Undz and even compares them to the 2(x)ist briefs.

From personal experience, these underwear are great for extended wear. The brand seems to stay true to size; I am a small (28-30), and their small fits me perfectly. They fit snugly (but not constrictively) at the waist and have the perfect amount of fabric, so it’s not too tight nor does it have too much fabric where it would bind. The briefs do not appear to have much of a pouch. In fact, my friend who is dedicated to the 2Xist brand was hesitant to try them simply because they lack an obvious pouch. But as he has learned, there is adequate room in the briefs. The briefs are better than most for all-day comfort because they stay in place. Wherever they are in the morning, they will be there in the afternoon. And what’s better than a pair of underwear that doesn’t ride up over the course of the day?!

Overall, I give the Undz brand brief a 10 based on the following scale:
Fit – 10 (out of 10) Snug fit without being constrictive
Comfort – 10 (out of 10) Great for extended wear. No extra fabric, so they don’t bunch up. Smooth fabric blend helps repeal sweat. Ample room.
Style – 10 (out of 10) Distinct, simple, and clean look.
Quality – 10 (out of 10) Very well made.
Value – 10 (out of 10) Very affordable and will last for a while, so worth the investment.

-Georgia Dude

5 comments: said...

We really appreciate this!
Tks Georgia. We do not know who you are, but it feels GOOD!
Bertrand Dore (Undz) said...

So happy of this review
here is 15% for you all!
use the code; mub
in the cart

Anonymous said...

Wow, that deal in incredible!

Anonymous said...

Good written review and the pics are grainy but acceptable. Honestly thought, 10's across the board? There isn't a single pair of underwear that deserves that rating. What works for the gym doesn't necessarily work if you're going to a club. What's good to wear over the course of the day doesn't necessarily work for spicing things up in the bedroom. Not all men are equally endowed so pouch size (or lack thereof) matters. Take this as constructive criticism, but giving perfect 10's to a basic pair of briefs kinda hurts your credibility.

UMan said...

Anon - I do agree that 10s across the board may be a little excessive. I personally would probably be less generous with this particular pair. Although I will say Undz is one of my current favs, especially for the price.

Cut Georgia Dude some slack though. He's an intern and it's his first post!