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Friday, October 05, 2012

Hipstripes at The Daily Hookup

Hey boys, I want to tell you about today's deal at The Daily Hookup.  I've told you about this deal site before and today they have another underwear line on sale.  This time it's Hipstripes.  Now I must be honest, I've never heard of this line before, which is amazing because I've heard of most brands, and this brand looks great!  The line is a take-off on caution tape with fun, suggestive slogans emblazoned across the waistband like "wide load", "heavy equipment", "caution protruding objects", etc. The brand comes in boxerbriefs that run for $30 a pop.  The Daily Hookup, however, is offering $30 credit for only $15, so that's a pair of undies half price!  You can't miss this deal!  So go ahead and check out Hipstripes now, and when you're ready to buy head on over to The Daily Hookup and they'll hook you up

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