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Saturday, October 06, 2012

What are you Wearing Under Your Underwear?

If you answered nothing, you should think again.  Gone is the day when you just had to think about the underwear you are wearing, now you should think about how your profile looks in and out of underwear.  The are lots of great tools to help you out.  Top among them are male enhancers from Hardwear (link NSFW)  These stunning enhancers are the new state of the art must have item for men everywhere. Boasting male rings for every occasion, from rock solid wood to rock star bulges that will get you the attention you crave. Right now Hardwear is having a sale... Save $10 storewide when you get your gear on with exclusive coupon code MUB1012.  Discover the world's best cockrings right now.

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Jay said...

I am interested, but the website is poorly done which makes me question the authenticity of the device. Any reviews by users??

Jay said...

Located some reviews / experiences on a forum: