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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Artificial Flavor

Artificial Flavor is a fairly new brand. It was started by John Vitti, his brother, and a couple friends after talking and realizing that they all found current underwear options to be uncomfortable. So they decided that they would make their own. They also pledged to not have any boring underwear. The thought that men should have as much right as women to feel and look sexy, especially when their pants are taken off. They came up with a bunch of great designs all focused around the "urban beach" image. This idea translates into sophistication and comfort met with the attitude of the streets. This is a really fun and unique line in lots of great styles and colors. I'm glad that John brought up this topic with his friends and brother, otherwise we would not have this great brand. After over a year of successful selling in retail shops they are now launching into lounge-pants and hoddies which will be available on their website soon. Artificial Flavor is offering all Underwear Blog readers a 10% discount, enter code "flavor10" at checkout.

Creative Director Marcus Prato playfully shows off the Magnum design on John Vitti.

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