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Friday, December 01, 2006

Cocksox review

Cocksox, "member enhancing underwear" that is truly a sock for your cock. They, at Cocksox, have developed enhancing underwear that is practical for everyday wear. As they state "no longer is sexy mens underwear only suitable for special occasions." Their underwear is sexy and designed for everyday wear. All their designs are made in Australia from state of the art fabrics that look and feel like cotton but have benefits of advanced fabric technology. Some of the the benefits of this fabric, called Supplex, holds its shape, is color-fast, fast-drying, and breathable.

I tried the Diable Red original briefs.

The fit is excellent. Or at least for the most part. It fits wonderfully when everything is "normal" down there. But when things get a little wild the whole contraption goes crazy (if you get what I'm saying). Basically the problem is there is a pouch for the shaft that adequately holds in the balls. But when the 'meat' gets large, it pulls the fabric away from the 'potatoes' and they fall all out of place. When things go back to normal the underwear doesn't go back to its original placement. This means that a lot of adjusting is necessary throughout the day in order to stay truly comfortable. They are incredibly comfortable when everything is in place, but they are very uncomfortable when they aren't on perfectly. It also can get out of alignment when moving from sitting to standing and other major changes in body position. Also occasionally (just randomly) they will ride down a bit. This occasionally results in having to pull them up the by the waist in the front. I tried the original brief (without a waistband), but since its launch there is now a new version with a waistband. I am guessing that the waistband probably alleviates this random riding-down (but I haven't tried them so I can't say for sure, but I would definitely give them a whirl to find out). One thing that is true about the fit of these underwear is that they truly do what they say they do. They do enhance quite a bit. But not unrealistically. The enhancement that they give is very believable and does not look like you have stuffed your pants, or that you are constantly having a boner. It just looks like you are a very healthy, well-endowed man. Another issue that I see is that when moving, there is quite a bit of gaping at the leg holes. This isn't a problem if you are wearing it as underwear. But since they also make a line of swimmwear with the exact same cut, this gaping could be a bit of an issue on the beach. You could end up showing way more than you intend to show. So be warned. One last thing I would like to note about the fitting and comfort is that they have a different sizing scale than the standard, so be sure to check that out before ordering because you could end up with the wrong size (by quite a bit). Also they do fit a little small so you may want to size one up from their sizing scale for a conventional fit. One more last thing about the fit, the new style (with the waistband) comes in two different pouch sizes: the standard one, and one that is a little snugger (by an inch). Based on my experience with the standard I would not recommend the smaller one (it would probably pull and gape even more than the original sized one), but you may wish to try it out.

The style is excellent. The look great. They have a very sexy, revealing front. But a modest, full back. This is a really nice style because you can get the revealingness of thong underwear without the strap up the butt. Also, you get great realistic visual enhancement without any uncomfortable suspensories, straps, slings, cups, etc. Also I love the way the sides can be pulled above pants to give the suggestion that you are wearing sexy underwear that is much more revealing than these actually are (not to say they aren't sexy, they just can give the illusion of wearing thong underwear without all the discomforts of thongs). Also the placement of the Cocksox logo allows for playful exposure. My only complaint in terms of the look of this style is that there are not enough colors. I would like to see more colors.

Overall, this is a great product and an excellent idea. It is just in need of a bit of tweaking in terms of the fitting. But there is a new version since the ones I tried so some of the fit issues may have been wrinkled out with that (I'd have to try to say for sure).

Overall, I give the CockSox, Original briefs a total score of 8 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 7 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 7 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10)

********** 8


Anonymous said...

I own a variety of styles from this brand and i recommend them i tend to find the snug pouch ones fit better esp around the waist and bottom so would recommend you try these first in the correct size. I'm a 28 waist and found that the xxs size fitted nicely esp the snug ones. The thong is probably the most comfortable i own. A rule of thumb try not to get an erection in them as they will need certain re adjustment.
Other than that they are very comfortable i would give them a 9 overall.

Spellfast said...

I wear these as my 24/7 underwear and I have to say that I've never experienced the problems mentioned in the review. I have never slipped out and they are always really comfortable and my wife thinks they look great. Can't recommend highly enough.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I wear these all day and when I get a fat cock my balls fall out. When my hard on goes my dick feels out of place But I still would recommend them. The best part is it makes it look like u have a huge dick which every man wants

Anonymous said...

The new style seems to have solved the problem. When I get to my full 7 1/2 my cock sticks out but the material still holds my balls inside.

Luke said...

I would instead recommend the King Style erector briefs since the erector briefs are intended to fit when your dick reaches its fully erect size! The erector briefs also enhance your dick without it looking like you have a constant boner, but they're even better because you do have a constant boner! They're loose enough to wear indefinitely, but tight enough to keep you hard!