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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cricket Syndicate

Christopher Straub spent a while trying to dream up a way to revolutionize the men's underwear industry. Finally he hit on a way to create it with his one-of-a-kind, vintage inspire box cut briefs. The undies are made from recycled T-shirts. He calls his brand Cricket Syndicate. The look and feel of the reclaimed tees combined with the clever eye of Christopher equals stylishly fun results. Plus, the gently worn fabric gives Cricket briefs a "touch me now" softness. And if you notice some line-art designs, that's Christopher's original artwork. Christopher started marketing his brand by selling the briefs out of a paper bag in the back of bars. About a year later he launched his web store, and the rest is history. A history that you can participate in making by purchasing a pair today. Although the styles are not only one per kind, they are limited, therefore the styles on the site are constantly changing.
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