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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jameswinston Co. Review

A while ago I blogged about a fairly new brand, Jameswinston Co. I have since tried out their line a lot and I gotta tell you, there is something really special about these. They are not your ordinary drawers, they are superb all around. I think this is my first ever 10!

But before I tell you about my experiences with the underwear, I want to tell you a bit about the company.

Jameswinston Co. is a very new UK underwear company (they're about a little over a month old). They are already causing a bit of a PR stir in the UK, and for good reasons. This brand has been a long 20 month investment, but it is finally paying off. They are starting with just one style at the beginning. They hope to appeal to a wide range of men (both gay and straight) with their wide array of hard to find and unique colors. They believe that the success to their sub-vintage line is "1) Create a great quality product 2) Make sure it looks different 3) In genuinely great shades to create a further interest twist." Right now they are "about quality cloth, genuinely great fit, subtle design elements and colours that guys can't easily obtain." But they hope to expand into caps, t-shirts, track suits, pants, etc sometime in the future. But I can tell you that they will be having some exciting new colors coming out in the near future (early 2007). So as you can see, it is clear that Jameswinston Co. is truly dedicated to bringing men all over the world the best underwear they can possibly make. I have to tell you, they have done a darn good job at doing this too.

The fit and comfort of these trunk briefs is incredible. When I wear these I barely even realize that I'm wearing anything underneath at all. That's how underwear should be. I really have no complaints about the fit or comfort. Another cool thing is that if you want a bit of a more modest fit, you can buy a size up and you will still have the same comfort as the smaller size. The ribbed trunks allow for a bit more movement, but they are both equally comfortable.

The style of these is really great too. They come in lots of fun colors (and lots of new very cool new colors will be early next year). I love all the unique logo tags all over. There's one really cool one on the waistband in the back, one on the waistband in the front, and one on the front of the leg. I'd also like to take a chance here to tell you about their great job of branding on the packaging. My trunks came in sack with the 'J' logo on it. Inside they were all in brown boxes with a 'J' cutout opening. "The packaging was simply a reaction to seeing 'another' torso wearing white underwear. We took a calculated decision to provide a style of box that showcased the colours of the underwear in a innovative way (the cut side of the box in the shape of the 'J' Logo) Not using a picture meant we had to find other means of motivating the customer. hence the text on the rear of the box gave us the means to explain that we really have worked to give the customer a great pant. The swing ticket was a nice touch to cement the fact we have quality standards. All in all the box has an organic 'feel' which works well with our 'retro' styling. The sack was simply made for the benefit of buyers - to show we think about our presentation!" It is clear they really DO pay attention to their presentation, and it pays off.

I really don't have much to say. All there is to say is lots of compliments and props to the guy behind Jameswinston. They are a great value at 15 £ per pair. That's a great deal. I would definitely encourage you to go out and purchase some in time for the holidays.

You can buy them at Jameswinston Co and UrbanUnderwear.
If you
buy them at Jameswinston be sure to use the exclusive coupon code for this blog (good through December 21st) that will get you one pair free when you buy the first two AND free shipping. Enter Jw002 at checkout.

Overall, I give the Jameswinston Co. Brand Underwear a total score of 10 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 10 (out of 10)

********** 10

PS. Read the comments on this review for a special note from the owner and founder of this underwear company.

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Anonymous said...

Uman, What can I say? We are shocked and humbled. We have worked so hard to get to produce a great pant. Right now we are a bit of a secret but thanks to the reaction of the UK Style editors and media (you'll find out in the next couple of weeks :) we won't be for long!

We took a big risk in going with our initally 'understated styling' (i.e. concentrating on total quality, amazing fit in great colours) but now know the market can handle funkier design elements alongside our high standards. A little hint for the underwear fans and collectors out there:- '06' represents the last time you will see our current designs. It is also the final chance to purchase our 'first generation' designs as well as invest in a 'cult classic'

07' brings a number of exciting changes to the underwear design (still keeping the spirit of the Retro trunk) And to those of you who know we have already produced a truly 'world class' quality garment and fit (amidst a sea of 'marketing hype') thank you so much for your support. This is just the beginning - and we won't be dropping our standards.

Kindest regards

Brian James
Jameswinston Co. Ltd

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