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Thursday, September 13, 2007

$5 Shipping at Undergear

Get $5 shipping at Undergear on your order of $75 or more. There are only four days left for this deal (it ends on the 16th). Enter promo code U7Q5SB at checkout.

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Anonymous said...

THIS IS WHAT I WANNA KNOW ....WHY IS IT WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM UNDERGEAR, IT TAKES YOU 2 1/2 WEEKS TO GET IT AFTER IT IS SHIPPED OUT, AND YOU CAN PURCHASE SOMETHING FROM ALL OF THE OTHER SITES , AND GET IT IN 2 DAYS AND PAY $5 -$7 LESS IN SHIPPING FROM THE OTHER SITES AND WHAT YOU HAVE TO PAY AT UNDERGEAR... AND UNDERGEAR HAS BEEN AROUND LONGER THAN ANY OTHER SITE FOR MENS UNDERWear, so you would think above all the rest since they have been shipping longer then they shouyld have better rates than the rest ..and instead they are more expensive and take longer to reecieve....