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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jameswinston Co's Jekyll and Hyde week!

Jameswinston Co. is making people aware that they have been receiving a significant amount of publicity in a variety of magazines around the globe. Their new NEON range and their new Retro ranges have captures the attention of magazine editors worldwide. The NEON range is already being stocked in Prowler Soho (arguably the UK's most influential fashion underwear retailer). This new publicity will be extremely useful because it will allow Jameswinston Co. to raise their funding to do what they really want to do with their business (launch the new designs that they already have sitting around waiting to be unleased, using more models, and decent advertising in places such as this blog). I am very excited for this big step for Jameswinston Co. and I am thankful for all the help that this blog's readers have given to help build this company to what it is today. Thank you to all of you who have purchased this product and helped spread the word about its greatness. So as a thank you, Brian James is going to give all of you the chance to purchase the NEON before it all kicks off!

We all know everyone kinda has two sides to their personalities so Jameswinston is celebrating that for a whole week! So they're calling this the Jekyll and Hyde week!
1) They're going to give readers the chance to party in the garment Instinct magazine has called ' one of the hottest styles anywhere' and
2) When you come down off your party high ... the chance to just chill!

The offer reflecting this is from today you can:
-Buy TWO pairs of NEON and ONE pair of the Black OR White 'cult classic' (in either plain or rib fabric) and get the Retro Trunk for FREE

and also, receive a Hi-res downloadable image from a selection of Jameswinston's industry recognized innovative marketing imagery for your own use!

To get all this be sure to use the code JYK001 at checkout at Jameswinston.

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