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Friday, September 28, 2007

Seasonal Changes in the Pants

Well it is once again time for another installment of Unzipped, so give me a sec to get my pants off, and we can have some fun. This week I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing, so the above photos are of what I had on this week. Last week I told you all about the new Undies from aussieBum, and on Monday I got a pair of the orange ones, so you can see those. Later on this weekend I'm going to post a review about them...just a hint (I love them.) On Monday I wore a pair of Jockey Elance Bikinis, which are my favorite style of underwear. Those are the white ones in the pic. On Wednesday, I wore another pair of new aussieBum's which are pretty cool, and I'm pretty sure everyone who has seen me in them wants a pair. On Thursday, I wore the ball lifter from WildmanT which I'm working on a review for, these guys are pretty fun. They give great lift and are so comfortable. And well on Friday, as any decent man does, I went commando, 'cause who really wears underwear on Fridays anyways?

So my topic of discussion for this week is: Since fall has started I've noticed a lot of guys switching their underwear. From boxers to briefs or from commando to boxers, or if you're me, I switched from bikinis and jocks to boxer briefs. So what do you all do, do you like to change it up or keep it the same?

So as always let me know, what you're thinking, the responses to last week's post were great. Keep them coming. So I've gotta go put my pants back on, and remember to always "Rock Out, With Your Hard Cock Out!"



Ryan said...

For me, it isn't strictly seasonal, but I do like to change it up. For a bit, I will wear thongs or jocks, then I'll wear a handful of boxer briefs, then I might go to briefs. And, of course, there are a few days mixed in when I go au naturel, especially like today, when I'm wearing my kilt.

Anonymous said...

hey chandler.... where can we post our pics... id like to contribute some.

UMan said...

Hello Anonymous,
We do not actually have a gallery where you can post your photos. But if you would like to share some with our readers, you can email them to me (my email is listed in the sidebar) and I will post them in an entry.

Anonymous said...

Good question-and I hadn’t really put thought into it but now that I have-I would say that because I typically work in such environmentally-controlled places (office and home), my underwear choices are driven by function/activity more so than seasonal changes. So it’s still low-rise briefs most of the regular days, jocks or sport briefs for working out and trunks and boxer-briefs for lounging/sleeping. I think definitely the warmer the weather the skimpier the underwear I’ll be inclined to wear but it’s not a dependable thing for myself. Awesome photo set BTW.

Anonymous said...

i tried the Jockey Elance String Bikini years ago and it was a terrible experience. i was pulling the rear edge bikini portion out of my ass crack constantly. then jockey came out with Jockey no-fly Pouch Boxer Brief. i bought one medium size at macy's and it fit great. that bikini crap was trashed as soon as i could purchase enough of the no-fly Pouch Boxer Briefs. i would never even consider anything but boxer briefs for everyday wear.
if i want underwear constantly sliding up my ass ill just wear a thong.

i only wear a thong at the gym underneath my jockey sport boxer briefs as an athletic supporter. its far more comfortable than traditional jockstraps.

i wear Mens Thong Underwear - Cotton Lycra Style 7623 from

the thong at the gym works for me but they do also have Bikini/Brief Styles.

i would not wear a thong 24/7 all year long.