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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Unzipped: Sexy and Sheer

So, yeah I know its been a while but its now time for my second edition of Unzipped. Let me start off by unzipping my pants for you to take a look. I'm currently wearing, well nothing since I just got out of the shower. Okay guys I'm feeling super sexy today, its a rainy Sunday afternoon [when this was written] so lets turn up the sexiness in here.

I want to know what the sexiest pair of underwear you own is, don't be shy we wanna know. So tell us your stories about the underwear you love, and the underwear that turns you on. I know we've all got that pair that gets us going. Hey if they're good enough we might even post a few. Or better yet, leave your story in the comments section of this post.

My other topic of business is mesh/sheer underwear. I want to get some but I want to know what you all think before I go out and buy them. So tell me what your favorite brands are and the styles you like. For me the smaller and sheerer the better, hey I've got nothing to hide, and neither do you.

As always I hope you've enjoyed getting into my pants, I know I sure have. And always be sure to "Rock Out, With Your Cock Out" cause that makes life fun!



Anonymous said...

I think "sexy" doesn't have to always be about showing the most skin (although it can be). That's why I think the N2N Tropic Boxster is actually my favorite "sexy" underwear, the cut is low rise and the material is really thin so it's revealing of shapes but enough is still fully covered that someone else can fill in the details using their imagination. As for mesh, I actually like the Pulse Underwear Robin Brief. It's a daring update on a classic fly-front brief style and it's all wrapped in a super-hero metaphor, so it's fun on all sorts of levels.

Anonymous said...

sexy is whatever makes you feel good about yourself. For me, my new calvin klein steel thong is my favorite underwear. The material is soft and non-binding and the feel my your bare butt on my clothes makes me feel sexy.

Ryan said...

Sexy is definitely more about how a pair makes you feel than how much it shows. That said, the hottest pair I have is the California Muscle® Baja Thong from UnderGear. It's little, black, and the criss-cross on it makes it just that much hotter.

As to mesh/sheer, the Silk Extreme Thong from UnderGear is amazing. I own it in blue, and it is surprisingly comfortable, and much more sheer than advertised.

Chandler said...

Wow, thanks guys the comments have been great, keep it up. I really want to know what you guys are thinking. And I personally think any jockstrap is sexy! but thats just me....

Keep on rockin..