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Monday, September 17, 2007

Basic Briefs

Where I live its not that easy to find great designer underwear, to say the least, I'm pretty much limited to my local Macy's store. So the other day I was shopping for just some basic briefs and me being the athletic type I wanted some athletic briefs. When I mean basic I wanted just no-frills, simple stuff, so I was pretty excited to find the 3100 Essentials collection from 2(x)ist. These are as basic as it gets, yet retain the high quality we have all come to love from 2(x)ist.

While shopping I picked up a 3-pack of black Fly Front Briefs, and a pair of black Sports Briefs. The Fly Fronts were $19.00 and the Sports were $10.00. The sports pair are made of 100% cotton, and are pretty dang comfortable. I'm a big fan of athletic briefs because they allow a great range of movement that you don't get with regular briefs. You all know I love my jocks so the athletics are a great alternative to those, when I run in a jock I find that my shorts like to get stuck up my crack, so the full-back on these do great. Now the basic fly fronts aren't my first from 2(x)ist, I got some a couple years ago, and they've held up like you wouldn't believe. Often times I find briefs stretch out pretty quick, but these have held their shape very nicely, and they hold my boys even nicer.

If you're in need of some underwear but don't wanna drop the dough, check these out and check their prices out.

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