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Thursday, September 13, 2007

New from Vizeau

I'm a big fan of Vizeau so I was pretty excited to see that they have a new collection called Hollywood. Let me start off my warning you, if you don't like to bare all then these are not the suits for you, but luckily for me I like to show it all. The warning that comes with this collection is, they are Vizeau's raciest suits yet, so you've been warned. Hollywood, the land to be seen and to see, so if you have that attitude these are for you. Here are some of the most commonly used words.... "Crotchless" "Backless" and my favorite "Jock" which you all know I love. Not only are they racy, these suits are covered in hand sewn crystals, which unfortunately drives the price up.

My favorite suit is the Satyr, which is a crotchless swimsuit with metal and rhinestone clasp on both sides and has hand sewn crystals.

So if you're like me and can't wait to try a pair of these, head on over to and check these out.

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