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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Check-In at RibbedTee for Big Savings and a $300 Shopping Spree!

RibbedTee, maker of my personal favorite undershirts, is running a little promotion right now where you can win a $300 shopping spree.  All you have to do is go to their site a couple times a day and check-in with your email address.  Every time you check-in it will be tracked and the more times you check-in the more savings you get.  After 28 check-ins, you get a 30% off coupon, after 42 you get a 40% off coupon, and after 56 check-ins you get a generous 50% off coupon. You can check-in up to 2 times per day (in six hour increments).  I know it sounds like a lot, but if you just remember to do it you can have some big savings.  Just check-in once before you go to bed and then again when you wake up.  It's just like checking your email.  Also, pay attention.  With some of the check-ins they will give you little bits of trivia about their company.  Save these and remember them because you'll need them to enter the grand prize giveaway of $300.  And just FYI, that's a lot of undershirts, so you'll be set for life.  Further details will be given out later as to how to enter to win the grand prize, but in the mean time take advantage of the great savings they're offering just for checking in!  Check out this link for more details

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