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Friday, December 31, 2010

What Will You Wear Tonight?

Although your New Years resolutions may not start until tomorrow next years future may lie in what underwear you put on tonight. As one year ends and another starts we fall back to time honored traditions such as fireworks, dropping electric balls and of course a midnight kiss. However there are some customs and superstitions you may want to keep in mind as you plan your evening, in particularly what underwear you choose to wear. It may effect your coming year and even your life!

For example in Italy it is customary to wear red underwear on New Years Eve as this is supposed to bring you good luck. I have heard this is also the custom in Turkey. And in the Philippines it is customary to wear clothes with circular patterns like polka dots because it is believed these patterns attract fortune and wealth for the following year, and although this isn’t applied directly to underwear it is applicable. In many Spanish speaking countries the wearing of yellow underwear on New Years Eve is supposed to encourage financial gain in the next year. This comes from the fact that yellow is closely related to gold in color. Like in Ecuador and Peru it is believed that wearing yellow underwear on New Years Eve will attract a positive energy for the next year. And in Mexico you are advised to wear red underwear if you want to fall in love the next year, yellow underwear if you want to make a lot of money, green if your goal is prosperity, pink if you’re looking to make more friends or improve existing friendships and white to create hope for better days ahead.

So what will you wear tonight? It seems the popular choices are red and yellow for love or money. It seems like that’s what it always comes down to. Can you wear orange and get both? I may have to give it a try. Whatever you don under your trousers tonight make sure it gives you the confidence you need to have a blast! Happy New Years Eve men, we thank you for all your support through 2010 and look forward to a great 2011 together filled with some amazing underwear.


Dr. NutHut said...

I'm going to be in Red! Hoping for love :)

Anonymous said...

I just read this, but at The start of the year, I was wearing GREEn briefs...

So this year I will be prosperous in my endeavors!!

Admin@MTR said...

Light-blue thong for me ;)