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Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Underwear Buying Guide

Buying underwear for someone is a very personal matter. Especially for guys, because (as much as I'd like to argue otherwise) they don't get new underwear all that often, so when they do it's important that it works for them and their body.  That being said, many guys have a strong preference for what style (boxers, briefs, trunks, etc) of underwear they wear.  Some don't care that much or may be happy with a number of different styles, but others care a lot.  So make sure you know your man well before buying.  Also, it is very important for you to make sure you know your man's size.  What he wears in pants may not be the same as his underwear, so make sure you check.  Also, snooping in his underwear drawer may not tell you the completely correct size as it's possible he may have some old undies lying around that no longer fit or never fit.  If you aren't going to ask him outright, make sure you look at a pair that you know fits him well.  It's important you get the right size because most places won't let you return it.

That being said, underwear is a great gift for the holidays and many people love to give and receive it!  So once you've figured out what style and size of underwear your man needs, there's still a whole lot to choose from.  I've broken it down for you based on the personality/type of man who might like to wear each pair.  Use this holiday underwear buying guide as a jumping off point for what to get your man.  While some of these undies may seem a little expensive to you, you're paying for quality so they're worth it.  

And finally, make sure you check shipping times and order early so it arrives in time!
For the Classic Man:
Ristefsky Macheda low-rise brief.
  • This category is for the guy who likes to keep it simple.  He's not opposed to something with style, but he likes his comfort first.  
  • Jockey has some great selections this holiday season for the man who likes to keep it simple.  The Jockey Classics briefs are simple and affordable.  And if your man's a little more adventurous you can get him them in some different colors.  I'm also loving the looks of the Jockey Echelon bikini brief.  Super modern and hip, but still classic and simple.  
  • Another one of my new favorites in Ristefsky Macheda.  Their underwear is all about being simple and understated but still body conscious.  I really like some of the briefs they have for their retro flair.   I also love their low-rise brief (shown). 
  • Another great option for the classic guy is /baskit/.  I would especially recommend (read my review) something from their Snugfit Seamless collection
For the Lover/Boyfriend: 
Embossment Boxer from Intymen.
  • This is the category for that special someone in your life or just that guy who you know will love and appreciate some sexy undies.
  • Some of my favorites are Good Devil and Intymen.  I personally love the Embossment boxer from Intymen (shown).  Once he's done unwrapping them you can unwrap him.  
  • Another good option is Doreanse, a French brand that is newly available to the American market exclusively through Audace.   The name literally means "golden bay".  They have all sorts of sexy undies including my favorite Jungle Brief.  Stay tuned for an upcoming brand profile of Doreanse. EDIT 12/16/10: Doreanse is NOT a French brand, it is just a French name.  The brand is actually from Turkey. 
  • Another great new-comer on the market is Croota.  They stock some super sexy bikinis (which are basically thongs) called second skin.   I'm also really digging their WW-III collection, which has military-inspired cargo pockets on the sides. 
  • For the super daring and open guy, there's the new K'Mando brand of underwear.  This is just a pouch for his goods and nothing more.  They are quite comfy, but not for everyone. 
The Fun Guy:
Lick brand Check Brief.
  • This category is for the guy who likes to have fun.  He's adventurous and not afraid to take risks.  That goes for his fashion choices as well.  He's daring and confident in his appearance.  There's a lot of great new styles out there for this guy.
  • Grundies is a great new brand from Australia.  I especially like their aussie collection like the trunk with the Austrlia flag or the trunk with a cock (rooster) printed across the pouch. 
  • Another great new brand is Lick, which has four collections: Leisure, Individual, Classic, and Kinky (thus their name Lick).  I personally really like the Individual collection, especially the Union brief and the Check brief (shown).   
  • Stonemen has also just released some great new beach-inspired styles, a great way to feel like you're on a vacation this holiday season.  Read what I have to say about them here
  • And another one of my favorites is Popduds.  These are screen-printed undies with original artworks on them.  You can read my review here.  
The Fashionable Man:
    James Tudor retro boxer.
    • This category is for the guy that's all about style.  He's all about refinement but also isn't afraid to have a little fun with his fashion choices.  
    • James Tudor just released some great new retro-inspired undies.  I personally love this brand with all it's funky details like the fully functional button flies (great for easy access).  I'm particularly loving the new retro boxer (shown).    
    • Another great brand for the stylish guy is 2eros.  They're underwear is all about refined style that is still very form flattering and original.  I really like the looks of their newest Icon 3 series
    • And finally there's the habitual favorite aussieBum.  This brand offers a lot of great stuff.  Some fits into fashion, some is more fun.  All in all aussieBum is just a great brand.  But their stuff is very personal, so make sure you know your man well before buying. 
    The Sporty Guy:
    • This is for the guy who is athletic and likes to do sports.  He is very body conscious and keeps in good shape and is proud of it.
    • My favorite underwear for working out is Equmen brand briefs because they support and wick well.  Check out my review here.   


      Cheap Underwear said...

      I love getting new underwear but I'm a bit of a snob, I prefer simple boxers, usually designer. I think many guys don't really appreciate how important nice underwear is, both for yourself and for a partner. Imagine if your partner only wore old tatty underwear, you wouldn't find that attractive, but guys think they can get away with any old pair, as long as it's not plain white Y fronts.

      Guy's underwear should look smart, be stylish and reflect their personality!

      New underwear makes you feel great and will encourage your partner to wanna get down to see em too!

      Wil said...

      REALLY Love the buttons on the James Tudor stuff (especially the black/white trunks). Some of the brands I had never seen before so that's a very nice plus.

      Another cute pair that were given to me awhile back are from a website called Blumegirl and they are a simple pair of men's briefs or boxer briefs but they have a customized embroidered patch on them with your name (the kind you see on mechanics coveralls). Super cute and definitely something out of the ordinary.

      UMan said...

      Thanks for the suggestion Wil. I have seen those before, aren't they just done on American Apparel blanks?