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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tony's Gift Guide

Fa la la la ladies. It’s that time of year again to get the man in your life something that will light up his tree.  What better way to spark that yuletide spirit than to give the gift of love in a pair of sexy men’s boxers or briefs?  The boxer and brief argument stops here. Both have their benefits but the old stodgy image of B&Bs is a thing of the past and belongs in an old black and white movie, something Jimmy Stewart might have worn in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Ginch Gonch Blue-Ball Berry.
You can make your man’s life wonderful with a whimsical pair of sport brief underwear from the Ginch Gonch collection. With colorful refreshing styles, like Fruit Juice / Banan-Appeal, Blue-Ball Berry and Melon Balls, your man will have a hard time resisting squeezing into a pair. Designed with 4-way stretch cotton, your man will walk sprightly in comfort, while you smile at his swagger in an enticingly vibrant pair of underwear that is quenching to the eye.

Poor Scrooge was a cranky old sod with “his knickers in a twist” up the arse. If only his secret Santa gave him a pair of Timoteo Red Boxer Brief Quakes, it might have been enough to shake that sourpuss look from his face and avoid a night of soul searching through the cosmos with the three ghosts of Christmas past.  

Timoteo Red Quake Boxerbriefs.
Timoteo Red Boxer Brief Quakes will make your guy tremble with joy at the comfortable feel of this low-rise boxer brief, available in Red-White-Black Logo Waist Band with Red Boxer Brief. Your Christmas will be merry once your man slips into a sharp looking pair of cotton spandex boxer briefs. I won’t even talk about starting the New Year with a bang. 

The Grinch turned green with envy because he didn’t find a pair of Pipe Gold-Boxers last year under the tree. But your man won’t feel underwear envy this Christmas when he receives a trendy pair of Pipe black and gold boxers. Despite the state of his 401K, your man will feel like a million bucks while downhill skiing or shooting hoops. He’ll always be in his comfort zone in a pair of Pipe Gold-Boxers. The pipe dream lives on.  Not sure what to put under the tree. Give your man a Pipe Gift Card, which comes in various amounts.


Unknown said...

I was looking for a great gift for my boyfriend this year and did look through this site. I eventually found this new brand that I am quite surprised you have not mentioned! The company is Slix. They really cater to men's needs (they also only have women models on their site!) and I felt I had to let you know! Go to to see what I am talking about!

UMan said...

Lauren - Thanks for your feedback and the suggestion. We only add things to our lists that we personally have tried. Neither of us have tried these therefore they did not make the list.