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Monday, December 13, 2010

Safe Sex Underwear

In the fight for awareness and promotion of safe sex we are always looking for new methods to get the word out. Well one man has found a great way to do this through underwear. And when you think about it what better place to put a reminder to wear a condom, since your underwear may be the only thing you’re wearing just before you get to that point with a sexual partner. The design is very fun with patterns of either cows or turtles in eight different sexual positions. And the best part is it comes with a small condom holding pocket!

Thomas Toros showing
off his boXXXers.
Thomas Toros came up with the idea based on his own frustrations scrambling for a condom. And the inspiration for the images came from having seen a pair of cows mating and having a good laugh with his friends. At the 2009 Everything To Do With Sex trade show in Toronto he sold several hundred pairs of the shorts he then named boXXXers. In the beginning he even had his mother making the underwear in her basement which was actually his way of helping her out with employment during a rough period of time. Now after getting help with promotion from a Canadian Television program Toros has a hit! The underwear will soon come in monkey and pig designs and he’s even created a safe sex alphabet series and has a boXXXers blog. You can order the underwear from his website which also has a cool history of underwear.

This is a great way to build a safer community. The only downside to this line of underwear is that although they carry three different styles for women, panty, lady shorts and thongs, men only have the option of a plain old cotton boxer. Come on Thomas at least give us a brief! But none the less this is a great idea. I am actually very surprised we haven’t seen similar products from more underwear brands. Several companies have designed lines with pockets geared toward phones or MP3 players but I haven’t seen another one with a condom pocket. So kudos to you Thomas and not to take business away from you my friend but I hope your idea inspires others to do the same in working toward a safer world.

UMan says: Actually Dr. NutHut, there are quite a few products before this that have had condom pockets.  Baskit, I believe, was the first to start this trend (although they no longer do this).  You can also get some from 2wink. Dirty Fukker also did this.  Nevertheless, this is a fun new find and definitely worth sharing. 


Dr. NutHut said...

Thank You for the extra information UMAN. I guess I better do my research next time, lol. Dr NutHut

Jonathan said...

I got a pair of sexy basterds which have a condom pocket, too and they come in slips and trunks and feel awesome. It's the underwear line from andrew buckler, but I don't know which online stores sell them. Cheers. Jonathan

UMan said...

No worries Dr. It's always great to point out a newcomer.

Jonathan - That's right. I forgot about Andrew Buckler's collection. I actually wrote about it here at one point:

Not sure where you can get them now though, they're kind of old.

Unknown said...

Macho Underwear also sells underwear with a pocket for a condom. They have a whole line called Safe Sex, and its muy sexy. It's actually on-sale through their Australian store at the moment at

UMan said...

Thanks for the info Craig.

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