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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Paypal Promotion!

Many, many underwear websites accept Paypal as a payment method, including UB advertiser Mensuas. Mensuas actually informed me of this great deal that Paypal is currently having for its users. To help kick-start your spring shopping paypal will give you $15 back on a purchase over $30 made with your Paypal account between now and March 31. In order to get this deal you have to register here, so do that now! So when shopping for underwear this spring (well that is until the end of March) look for the Paypal logo (shown) on sites and you could save as much as 50% off on your purchase courtesy of Paypal. If you don't currently have a Paypal account, get one, it is a great way to pay and this promotion is good for new users as well as old.


JayToday said...

Seems your registration link for this promotion isn't working, or at least the link isn't working for me.

Perhaps explain how else you can register from the paypal site, as I couldn't find the information there either.

UMan said...

Jaytoday, the link works for me. I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe try copying and pasting the URL directly into thee bar. The URL is:

Also try refreshing the page a couple times, it may be doing something funky.

Anonymous said...

the link will only work if Paypal invited you.

UMan said...

Anonymous, I think the link should work for everyone, I didn't get invited but it still works for me.

JayToday said...

Ok - well I went back to the link today, and indeed it worked, but it seems I wasn't invited or didn't get the invite email from Paypal, so I'm not elidgible.

Wondering why the above poster said he was ellidgible even withouth invite. I must be doing something wrong.. heh