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Monday, October 22, 2012

2xist Colour 50% off Sale

For a limited time only, 2(x)ist brand is having a 50% off sale on its Colour line. Supplies are limited, and so is the sale. So head on over to 2(x)ist and get your colour on! (Oh, and keep in mind that 2xist offers free Standard Shipping to orders of $50 or more!)

-Georgia Dude

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JayToday said...

Why can't I find this on their site anywhere ?

UMan said...

Hmm... it seems to have been taken down.

Anonymous said...

Just checked into it. Apparently the sale is over. I learned about it midway through last week and sent word to UMan over the weekend. I've heard word that 2xist might be discontinuing the Colours line, which is really unfortunate.