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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brand Profile: Bend the Rules

Bend the Rules is a Beverly Hills, California based luxury brand that specializes in making men's boxerbriefs and trunks. The brand is designed and owned by Markus Bender. Bend the Rules is all about luxury and comfort. Markus spent over a year perfecting the fabric - a special Tencel blend - so that it would have the perfect feel. This special fabric is more absorbent than cotton in addition to being breathable, antibacterial and eco-friendly. The styling of the line is very timeless with subtle details like dragons, crosses, and skulls on the leg. To me the line has an edgy, street flair while still being classy. It reminds me of the type of clothing that you might find in the Buckle. Many designs incorporate a Swarovski crystal making this the ultimate in luxury underwear. Bend the Rules boasts a large celebrity clientele, and with the attention to luxury and details it's obvious why. You can't get this underwear just anywhere. It's only available at the Bend the Rules site and upscale boutiques around the world. Bend the Rules is on the expensive side ranging from $54 (for a pair without a graphic) to $72 USD. But for the quality you are getting they are worth it. Stay tuned for a review of Bend the Rules and an interview with founder and designer Markus Bender.

Question of the Day: How much would you spend on a pair of luxury underwear? Do you have a limit even if you have unlimited purchasing power?


Victor C said...

When you say luxury, you really mean luxury. Up to $72? wow.

The special Tencel blend sounds appealing, especially with the advantages of being antibacterial and eco-friendly. Definitely a plus in my book.

However, I find the designs to be a tad cheesy. This is strictly my opinion though. Overused designs like dragons, skulls, and crosses aren't really my thing. It kind of screams Ed Hardy in a way.

Personally, I keep the luxury spending at a minimum. If I had unlimited purchasing power? Yeah, I'd probably go for the more expensive, more comfortable, more eco-friendly pairs.

Victor C said...

I want underwear bonus ^

I forgot to put that in there. Sorry!

Wil said...

Most expensive things you can 'test drive'. If I could wear a pair of these undies for a day then maybe I'd want to buy a pair, it isn't likely.

You can call me cheap if you want but any pair of undies over $20 is a luxury item to me. I enjoy my underwear being comfortable and its even better when you get to show them off to someone else.

If I had unlimited spending, it would be because I made smart choices on the things I spent my money on. It is still highly unlikely I would spend a chunk of money on this.

On a side note, a lot of things that are 'eco-friendly' aren't as friendly as they say. If you look at Hybrid cars for example, take a look at the process you have to go through to make one of the lithium batteries they use in those cars.

I want underwear.

Anonymous said...

Luxury? What are these people thinking. It just looks like another cheesy recycled underwear label. Nothing new here.

Suzia May Lingerie said...

I think their undies are really nice. a bit expensive maybe..