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Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Raining Men

Friday I had the opportunity to go to Macy's Glamorama, a fundraiser fashion show to benefit the Children's Cancer Research Fund. The show ended with a bang when male models came out in nothing but their Papi underwear. The models danced in the "rain" to the Weather Girl's song "It's Raining Men". They were a big hit. It was a great way to wrap up a great show.

As for the underwear itself. The new Papi collection was a lot more out there than previous collections. I've always thought of Papi as basics with style, but this new collection has made them a fashion underwear brand. There were bold, metallic waistbands (a big trend right now). And metallic foil embellishments on the back and legs of some pairs. It was a little difficult to tell exactly what the underwear looked like because it was all wet. But overall, it looks like a fun new collection and I'm excited to see it in stores.

(Also sorry for the lack of photos, I wasn't expecting to need to take photos so I had to rely on my camera phone and the photos that I could find online. Note: the first photo is from the rehearsal where the models did not wear Papi underwear but Armani.)


Victor C said...

What's a "Glamorama" without the hot men? haha! I agree with you that this is a good way to wrap up a show. How long have they held this benefit fashion show? I maybe would love to attend one day.

I've always loved Papi's simplicity. I agree, it's a tad hard to tell what the underwear looked like because it was wet, but the models make up for it. ;) Metallic definitely seems to be a big trend in underwear embellishments today. I'd really love to see an underwear design that uses it in a new way.

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UMan said...

Victor, I believe this was the 9th year of the show.