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Friday, August 07, 2009

New from aussieBum: Armour

Australian brand aussieBum has outdone themselves - again. This time with their new line entitled Armour. This new line is based around metallic silver fabrics that are meant to represent the armor that medieval knights used to wear. The Armour series comes in three different metallic prints entitled shield, protect, and defend respectively. And all three prints come in both a brief and hipster design (so there are six different pairs in the collection). The fabric has the appearance of armor but with a sleek modern-day look. As is the trend, this series features a big, bold, metallic waistband. They retail for about $50 USD a pair at aussieBum. Don't be left in the Dark Ages - this collection is available for a limited time only so get your Armour and protect yourself while there's still time.

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Victor C said...

My favorite design from the Armour line is definitely "Protect". (The one pictured at the top of your post) The vertical lines are eye catching and visually interesting. To me, the other designs lack the simplicity and modernity that "protect" has.

I love that the waistband is also metallic, which kind of ties the whole piece together. Overall I like it and I may purchase "protect" sometime in the future, before time runs out that is.

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