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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Joe Snyder Exclusively at Nuwear

I've just received word that Nuwear just got four new exclusive styles from Joe Snyder. These styles are really fun and are sure to bring out the adventurous side of you. What's unique about these new undies is that they feature a snap pouch that will allow you to be fully covered or fully uncovered - whichever you so desire. And you can change it up really easily. This fun new style is available in a jock, thong, boxerbrief, and bikini brief (shown). They come in red, white, yellow, and blue and feature the signature Joe Snyder logo by the pouch. They also feature a c-ring interior in the pouch so even if you are uncovered you will still be held in place and supported. You can get a pair for $25 - $28 at Nuwear. Right now you can only get these things at Nuwear or Undergear. They will be available at other stores in the future, but for now the availability is limited.

Since Nuwear is a new advertiser on our site they'd like to offer you a special coupon to get 15% off your purchase with them. Just enter promo code UBLOG at checkout. Don't want to do the math for how much these new undies will cost you? Don't worry, I've already done it for you. With the 15% off discount you will only have to pay $21.25 - $23.80 to get yourself into this exclusive new line from Joe Snyder. Not sure if snap pouch undies is your thing? Don't worry. Nuwear has plenty of other undies on their site and you can use this promo code to buy any of them. When it comes to great new underwear, Nuwear's got you covered.

Question of the Day:
Do you like underwear that allows you to show off or do you prefer to be more modest with your underwear choices?


Victor C said...

Adventurous is definitely the word to describe this line of underwear. I like the integration of the c-ring for support. Pretty sexy.

The pouch to me, although interesting, would be a tad too much. Unless you had a really big underwear fetish, there isn't much point in keeping them on to show off your junk, would there?

For your question of the day, I would say that I'm more modest with my underwear choices. Thongs I think would be the most show-offy pair of underwear I would sport.

I want underwear bonus

Dave said...

I like underwear that lets me show off - in private to the woman I am with as long as she is showing off to me in some nice designer lingerie.
I do also have a thing about comfort too as I can't bear the pants that don't have enough material at the back and they then decide to 'ride up' if you understand my meaning.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know of a store in new york that would sell joe snyder...i would like to feel and look at the product before i get it

saveourfreebeaches said...

I definitely like to show off in my undies - maybe not in the extreme gear, but a bit of lift and a nice, roomy pouch always makes me feel good about how I look!

I want underwear bonus

Anonymous said...

i wear briefs and tights is cool

Anton Wayne said...

The Nuwear pouch is definitely sexy, I'm considering a pair or two!

The pouch looks very roomy and comfortable, although right now I can't see myself wearing underwear like this too regularly...probably more for when someone is to discover it beneath my jeans!