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Saturday, August 08, 2009

New 2(x)ist Metal Collection

2(x)ist just launched another new collection of men's underwear called Metal. The collection takes its name from the waistband on each piece which is a combination of both gold and silver metallic and makes for a flashy pair. The Metal collection includes a no show brief, a no show trunk, a jockstrap, and a v-neck t-shirt. It comes in four colors: cranberry, navy, white, and black. The collection is made of super soft fabric that is sure to have you wrapped in comfort all day long. It retails between $18 - $28 and can be purchased at Skiviez and Malestrom Online (type "metal" into the search bar).

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Wil said...

The metal looks very similar to the carbon brief they had out not to long ago (that was discontinued I think?) I really liked the carbon but the pouch part was a bit... snug compared to some of their other stuff. I wonder if this will have the same amount of tightness as the carbon did.

I want underwear plz.