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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Review: PIPE brief

PIPE underwear is a fairly new brand on the market. Their underwear is high fashion with lots of details that you won't find elsewhere such as velvet flocking, foil lettering, and rhinestones. This company is truly setting the bar for men's fashion underwear. For more details on the brand read my brand profile.

Today I'd like to review their Wings brief. The style is the first thing I'm going to focus on because that's what you notice first. The entire brief is white except for the lined pouch, the leg bands, and the waistband - they are all black. The pouch is accented with metallic gold outlines of wings and crosses. The back features a large, bold "69" emblem and wings also in metallic gold. It's a bold and sexy look that's sure to attract attention. I personally love the waistband on these. It is tone-on-tone black, so the PIPE logo shows up very faintly with the right light. It is a very classy look that allows these briefs to be the perfect choice for a dressy occasion. I really like the decision to make just the pouch black and the rest white; it draws all the attention to the pouch. And the thin, white sides also put the attention on the pouch area. The style on these and all PIPE underwear is very cool and unique and you're not going to find anything like it elsewhere.

Moving on to the actual cut of these briefs. They are a very low-rise, mini-brief. These briefs are just enough to cover all the crucial areas, although they have the appearance of being slightly bigger than they are because of all the bold detailing. But in reality they are quite small. The side panels are some of the shortest that I have seen on briefs. Not only do these briefs look quite fitted, they are quite fitted. They hug the curves of the male body to a t - the designers clearly understand how the male body works. It has the closest fit in the area between the legs (sometimes called the perineum) that I have ever experienced. This tight fit has both its pros and cons. The pro is that it makes for a very sexy look because it so closely follows the male physique. The con is that it is so tight that it allows for a limited range of motion making these briefs a bad choice for athletic activities or sleeping (I like to curl in strange positions while sleeping and these briefs don't comfortably allow that). But then again, one does not generally want to wear fashion briefs for athletic purposes anyway; there are plenty of suitable athletic briefs for that purpose. The briefs do allow for comfortable every day use though.

As I just mentioned, these briefs are not the most comfortable for athletic wear or sleepwear but they are quite comfortable for day to day use. The fabric of these is incredibly lightweight and soft; they're almost like wearing a second skin. In fact, if you touch the fabric while wearing them it almost feels like you are touching your bare skin.

The quality of these briefs is superb! PIPE pays attention to all the details making for an exquisite pair of underwear. They are well worth the $25 that they will set you back. My only complaint is that they are not incredibly versatile (not comfortable for sports or sleepwear). But since they are perfect for everyday wear they make up for their lack of versatility.


Overall, I give the PIPE Wings Brief a total score of 9.5 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 8 (out of 10) - not comfortable for athletic wear or sleepwear
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10) - a little pricey, but worth it

********** 9.5

Note: This review should hold true for all other briefs from PIPE. The only section that will vary from style to style is the "style" section.

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on fashion underwear? Do you prefer it over regular underwear?

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Victor C said...

I love the style of the Wings brief. I definitely agree with your opinions on the tone-on-tone black waistband and the black pouch. The design decisions really make the brief something to behold. Bringing the attention towards the package is always a great thing as well. ;)

On the model, the cut looks really great too. I like the idea of a tighter fit between the legs, although I'd have to wear them to understand how tight it is. As you describe it, it doesn't sound too comfortable.

Overall I think I may purchase these in the future.

To your question of the day, I say that I prefer regular underwear over fashion underwear. Only on very special occasions would I wear fashion underwear.

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