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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MANstore Maya

MANstore is a great brand that comes from Germany. They come from the same stable as Olaf Benz. MANstore is known for their super sexy underwear that is perfect for those special occasions. One of their new lines Maya recently caught my eye and I thought I'd share it with you today. The Maya line is made from slate grey Titan fabric that has a metallic silver thread woven through it to give it a glittering effect. The yarn is fine enough that it does not detract from the soft finish of the fabric, as is often the case with metallic threads. I really love the way this fabric looks because it is sexy without looking trashy. It keeps the eye's attention and looks incredibly expensive and luxurious. This line is perfect for the bedroom with it's extra features like quick-release clasps on the strip string or metal ring on the circus string. You can get MANstore at Dead Good Undies.


Wil said...

The material looks awesome. I'm not to keen on that guys face in the marketing though, should underwear be scary? Maybe thats his dangerous / daring face, I just find it funny.

The pair with the ring in the front looks really nice.

Anyway, I want underwear (8.13.9).


Victor C said...

The slate grey Titan fabric is a great color, although I'm not sure about the metallic thread. I wish the website posted more detailed pics. Anyway, the metallic threaded in is cool but not totally necessary.

I love that the line is "perfect for the bedroom". I adore the quick-release clasps, which makes the strip string my favorite. haha. I would love to see a hot guy in the string body piece. Unfortunately only those with a really great body could pull that off.

Overall, I find this line to be really sexy and interesting.

I want underwear bonus

Unknown said...

If you click on the "more pictures" button underneath the main picture on it will always bring up a much closer image (plus a lot more images)