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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guest Post: Confessions of a 32 Year Old Brief Addict

Today I'd like to welcome guest poster Brflines. He's got a massive collection of briefs - in fact it rivals my own collection. He has a whole album on Flickr devoted to showing off his undies. The photos in this entry are of Brflines' collection and him in them. Here's what he has to say about it:

I admit it, I’m a brief addict! With close to six hundred pairs of briefs overflowing from dresser drawers and storage boxes, it’s gotten to be a bit of an obsession for me. But, despite my credit card balance, I think it’s a fun and sexy addiction and one that has led to new friends and experiences.

There's something about briefs that I love. It’s about the shape and the way that they fit. For me, they’re very masculine and very personal at the same time.

I don’t remember exactly when I got into buying briefs. I’ve always worn briefs (except for a short time in college in the late nineties when I experimented with boxers) and can remember my fascination with different colors and patterns whilst amongst my peers in middle school and college. It was the mid-nineties and briefs and bikinis were still going strong, and I remember the plethora of different colors and cuts, styles and designs. Seeing my friends and classmates in their briefs and bikinis made P.E. worth going to.

I don’t have the underwear I wore back then in my possession now. But my current collection is much larger and much more diverse. I know I probably didn’t have the cash to build up as varied and extensive a collection until I had left college. I reckon that my current collection began around 2004, when I started to work at a much better paying job.

As you can imagine, when you have close to six hundred pairs of underwear, you sort of max out on the space that you have to accommodate that kind of volume of clothing. So any new additions have to be unusual in color, cut, or design. Right now, I’m really attracted to things that have fun or cool patterns or prints. As you can see from my Flickr album, I own almost every color imaginable, so anything new has to be different. This search for the unusual has pushed my purchases upscale. I started out with American brands like CK and 2xist, but now look for foreign brands like Nikos A., D&G, and Punto Blanco—which gets expensive.

I’m also a fan of underwear from other countries (I’m in the USA). I travel a lot and love to pick up new and different brands that are not available in the states. It’s fun when a guy unbuttons my pants and compliments my briefs and starts asking questions about them. It really gets him focused on the task on hand, and gets his eyes on the prize. My current favorites are Dolce and Gabbana and Nikos A.

I’m still buying briefs and get very excited when I’m shopping for them or waiting for them to be delivered. I hope that the fashion world never stops coming up with new colors or designs for them.

Having such a large collection of underwear leads to organization issues, like what exactly you have and where they're all located. Brflines keeps his collection organized by using an Excel spreadsheet. In his drawers he organizes them by color. How big is your collection and how do you keep it organized? Do you do it by style, color, brand, or something else?


Victor C said...

I just checked out Brflines's collection on Flickr, and I must say his collection is definitely impressive. The range of colors and prints is a sight to behold. I'm also surprised that what is shown on Flickr isn't even the full collection! "i also have a bunch that i haven't worn, even some new in the box." Wow!

I really enjoyed reading this post and the story about how he started. I also love how he organizes his collection through Excel! Very smart. :)

My collection is small but slowly growing. I've been doing the boxer rout for years but I've decided to go the sexier, more comfortable route and wear briefs. Maybe if I win this contest, it would grow even faster... (haha. shameless I know). Right now I've been buying black but I definitely have my eye on colors.

I want underwear bonus

achurn819 said...

i, too, am starting a collection slowly. but like your's, i like unique styles & various designs. it goes from briefs, boxer-briefs, bikinis, g-strings, thongs & jocks. there's so many out there. the current favorite for briefs are C-IN2 & bikini's by joe snyder.

i just ordered more in the mail & waiting for there arrival. i'll have to check out the D&G & Nikos A soon.

anyways, good to know there's other collectors out there. i have about 20 now & growing; nowhere close to 600. =/

Anonymous said...


keep with it! collecting underwear is so much fun. you should definitely try out the nikos a stuff--it feels so nice and looks so cool. you'll love it, i promise!!


Undyluver said...

Luv the undies!! I'm huge into briefs/bikinis and jocks but you I bow down to oh he with the largest collection wins....

Anonymous said...

So hot!

jack said...

hey mate i would unbutton your pants any day of the week and suck you dry you so hot and you make me so hot and sometimes horny