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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harlequin Bromance - A Review

Today we welcome back Brflines as a full-time contributor to MUB. Here's his review of the new Ginch Gonch low-rise briefs. I reviewed the older version a while ago here. And yes guys, the photo with the guy in the shirt is of Brflines. I tried to convince him to post a shirtless version but he was a little shy. But I'm sure we can convince him in the future. - UMan
A couple of years ago, briefs became cool to wear again. Accompanying this trend was the explosion of colors, patterns, and prints that provided men (and women shopping for their men) with a huge variety of styles and brand names to choose from.

At the vanguard of this move towards more varied patterns and colors was Ginch Gonch. The Canadian company brought a refreshing, tongue-in-cheek take on men’s underwear. True to their motto, “Live Like a Kid”, Ginch Gonch brings a nostalgic and playful aesthetic to garments that tends to be monochromatic and utilitarian.

Today I’m reviewing the “Tiger’s Wood” low rise brief.

Sometimes, I like to fantasize about what it would be like to be one of those New England-Nantucket, pink pant wearing, cable knit sweater thrown over a polo shirt prep. You know the type, the ones that go by names like “Biff” and “Trevor”. That’s what these briefs look like: the underwear version of preppy.

If you’ve never worn a low-rise brief from Ginch Gonch, it’s an experience in itself. True, they can get pretty wild, briefs covered with roosters (“Jolly Cocks”), hot dogs (“Wiener Eaters”), and dirt bikers (“Rim Jobbers”), but with this style you’ll be coming in at the more conservative end of the collection.

Know that Ginch Gonch doesn’t fool around when they categorize these briefs as low rise. They literally cover just enough of your boyzone to be considered decent. The garment fits true to size; the medium fit me just fine and would accommodate what I would consider the waist sizes generally accepted as a medium in North America.

I wore these bad boys all day to work. When I slipped them on in the morning, I was kind of nervous because they barely covered everything. The back coverage was especially stingy, with the waistband struggling to come to the top of my butt. That’s the great thing about these briefs though, the coverage is a constant reminder of how naughty you are being and that there’s a constant party in your pants. I was comfortable sitting in these all day at my desk job in an office, but if you’re shy about not having substantial coverage, or work in a job where you’re bending over all day, you may want to pass on these.

More about the brief: the waistband is super comfortable. The elastic feels substantial and well made. The contrast piping is black, with contrast stitching in white thread. Black, teal, grey, and red diamonds cover the brief in a playful, yet masculine, argyle/harlequin pattern. These are straight up attention getters. Everything about the brief is cool, even the tag in the back is stitched fabric, as to minimize the irritation that paper and other lower quality tags tend to produce.

My biggest beef with the “Tiger’s Wood” low rise brief is that the front is not comfortable at all if you have a lot of junk. Since there is barely enough room to accommodate a normal dude’s anatomy, I can imagine what a challenge it would be for someone more endowed.

I would definitely recommend the “Tiger’s Wood” low rise brief if you’re looking to try Ginch Gonch and want to start on the more conservative end. They’re great for just normal wear, probably awesome if you’re going out to a club with the expectation that someone else is going to be uncovering your man treasure, but probably not so great for a work out or a half marathon.

You can get them for about $22 USD from the company’s website.

Overall, I give the Ginch Gonch Low-Rise Brief a total score of 8 based on the following criteria:
COOL FACTOR -- 10 (out of 10) - cool, masculine design
WEARABILITY -- 7 (out of 10) - skimpy coverage, pouch can be a problem for "bigger" guys
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - very well made garment with great attention to detail
HOTNESS -- 10 (out of 10) - attention getters; you will get laid
VALUE -- 5 (out of 10) - pricey, but a good first buy if you're looking to try Ginch Gonch

********** 8


Wil said...

Really nice review! I hadn't seen this new pattern for the Ginch Gonch but I do like it. Its playful but not to crazy.

I want underwear. (8.18.9)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the issue about lack of pouch - the only GG that seems to take account of the shape of a man's anatomy are the jocks!

Jack said...

I've always thought the Ginch Gonch names were pretty wicked. Good review man!

Victor C said...

"Sometimes, I like to fantasize about what it would be like to be one of those New England-Nantucket, pink pant wearing, cable knit sweater thrown over a polo shirt prep. You know the type, the ones that go by names like “Biff” and “Trevor”." HILARIOUS! I literally could not stop laughing after I read this. I love it. haha

I've always loved Ginch Gonch's designs, although they do tend to be really novelty and intense. "Tiger's Wood" seems to be my sort of style, fun but not over the top.

The fit sounds really interesting. I wonder though, since I'm pretty skinny I would assume they would have a tad bit more coverage? I literally don't have any bum so I'm not sure. The thought of meager coverage is pretty enticing though.

I want underwear bonus

UMan said...

Glad you all like Brief Lines! He will be writing reviews like this regularly!

Victor - I myself am pretty skinny too and I still experience the minimal coverage like Brief Lines has described. What's your waist size?