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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Boxerbriefs vs. Trunks - what's the difference?

One of the most common inconsistancies that I've seen in the men's underwear world is the use of the terms 'trunk' and 'boxerbrief'. Brands often use these terms interchangeably, however they refer to entirely different things. They are similar, but still very different. I may have this wrong, but as I see it the terms are defined as follows. If you disagree with these definitions please call me on it because these are the definitions that I go by when writing posts.

-usually has a fully functioning front fly
-has two back seams "framing" the ass.
-generally legs are a longer than trunks (hits mid-thighish)
-Elastic waistband and legbands

-usually has no fly
-usually no seam in back or one seam down the middle
-often they are "seamless"
-legs tend to be shorter than trunks (hitting just low enough to cover)
-often has elastic waistband
-usually does not have elastic legbands

Hope that clarifies the difference. It is very confusing. So let's not even talk about hipsters, or low-rise trunks, or any other similar terms that are also tossed around.

And don't even get me started on the punctuation of boxerbrief (boxerbrief, boxer brief, boxer-brief). I just tend to switch it up the punctuation because the idea is always clear.

Look at the photos for further clarification.

Poll of the day: What are your thoughts on this? Do you go by a different definition? What is that? Is my definition incorrect?


Anonymous said...

I prefer the brief with the working fly. Too much compression without one.

Anonymous said...

By brief with working fly do you mean boxerbrief with working fly?

Anonymous said...

I would like a boxer-brief that has a contoured pouch (because I like my stuff to stay in place), but also has a fly. I have a pair of trunks with a pouch, but no fly, and trunk legs tend to ride up or be even with the pouch, and then stuff spills down the leg holes.

UMan said...

Anonymous - Wow, you must have quite the stuff to spill out of the legs of trunks ;) I'm sure there are some boxer-briefs out there with a contoured pouch and functioning fly. I've seen a few myself, I can't believe you haven't.

Anonymous said...

I think you have the definitions right. Personally I prefer the boxerbriefs over the trunks. What does everyone else perfer?

Unknown said...

I'm looking for a boxer brief with a contoured pouch that will keep my stuff in place anyone know any good brands and models and where i can buy them hopefully an actual store don't like to shop online for clothes thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love wearing my tighty whities. I wear them all the time. right now, I feel like I've got so much support for my downstairs. lovin life.

steve_t said...

I love my trunks, especially the 2xist trunks, I think the contoured pouch and shorter legs are more comfortable and they look sexier. Only problem is that at times it is hard to keep every thing contained in my trunks

Anonymous said...

What´s the difference between boxers and hipsters if you look at this store? I can´t see any difference :-s


UMan said...

Anonymous - There's quite a bit of difference. By boxers I assume you mean boxerbriefs, which tend to be longer. Hipsters are not quite as short as trunks, but not as long as boxerbriefs. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the trunks, because to me they look way better than boxer briefs. I was always a boxer guy, but 6 months ago switched to boxer briefs and now I always buy CalvinKlein trunks. They look great feel great and girls absolutely love them!!!