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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Jameswinstons coming soon!

*This is an exclusive piece of news available first here*
As you may know from my review or from your own experience, Jameswinston Co. is a relatively new manufacturer on the underwear scene that specializes in making quality and colorful undies. The current line of underwear is excellent (I gave them a 10/10 in my review), I can’t imagine how great the new line will be when it is release soon. In order to make space for the new lines they are having a special sale: buy one pair at 20% off or any three pairs at a massive 50% off until end of January; just use promo code ‘jw003’. It’s a great chance to try out the original if you haven’t already, or to stock up if you already have learned about the excellence of Jameswinstons.
Now about the new line: I have had the privilege to view some photos of prototypes (I wish I could share them with you, but I cannot). And I gotta tell you, Jameswinston has outdone himself again. I mean what can be better than a 10? (I think this new line may have to get some extra credit) There are lots of fun new colors to choose from, including: ‘Mint’, ‘Dark Sand’ and ‘Soda Pink’. Also, one of my favorite new additions is the changes in the styling, it’s the same great fit (for the most part, I am told there are a few minor tweaks to the style for added comfort) but with a lot of great new details: contrast stitching, incredibly unique colors, neon and retro lines, and redesigned logo patches. I will keep you updated on this great product and I will be sure to give you more information and photos when they become available.

I just wanted to be the first to let you know. The official press release goes out tomorrow (UK), at which point I'll figure out how to share a copy with you.

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