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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wyzman Valentine's Day Deals

Valentines? Really? Isn't it a little early? I thought that too, but then when you think about it, Valentine's Day is just a little more than a month away. Wyzman is offering two hot deals: 30% off Chevignon, and 25% off HOM 3001. There are two days left on the HOM 3001 sale (it was a 4 day sale, sorry I didn't let you know sooner) and I do not know how long is left on the Chevignon sale (it just started). I have never tried either brand, but I personally think Chevignon is the better of the two deals. I really like the fun styles that they make, and they are very resonably-priced to begin with. The HOM 3001 on the other hand, is quite expensive and the sale still doesn't take much off of the price. Also I am not a huge fan of sheer undies. I feel that underwear should cover, if it doesn't why bother wearing it? But enough opinion from me, the purpose of this post is just to inform. So check the sales out.


Anonymous said...

Don't shop at Wyzman!

This retailer does not give any information about your order (status, backorder, non available items). They take up to two weeks to even process orders. I've attempted to purchase from them 3 times and all 3 times have had nothing but bad service. You are better off shopping elsewhere.

UMan said...

I have shopped with Wyzman on multiple occasions and I have good experiences every time. My orders all came quickly and with no problems. It is true, it is hard to know the status of your order, but it comes so quickly it doesn't matter.